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9 great reasons to go on a cycling holiday!
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28 January 2016
9 great reasons to go on a cycling holiday!

Are you new to cycling holidays or keen to find out why so many more people are booking a cycling tour?

Here we bring you nine reasons why you should consider to holiday by bicycle.

The right pace: Cycling, at somewhere between 10mph and 20mph, is the perfect speed for taking in your surroundings. There is a sense of really getting somewhere but still being able to properly immerse yourself in the views, landscape and culture.

Explore away: On a bike you feel like you are properly exploring a new destination. You are outside and experiencing the environment, rather than being stuck in a car or on the train. You can reach plenty of attractions and landmarks covering distances of between 25 and 100 miles in one day.

All the freedom: When travelling by bike, if you like the look of a castle in the distance or spot a signpost to a vineyard, restaurant, museum, or other attraction you can follow your desires. You can choose if you ride a road or cycle path that you fancy, stop for a long lunch or visit an attraction for an entire afternoon. Bike touring feels like one of the most freeing ways to see a new country

Keep fit: How many holidays see you retuning home fitter and stronger than when you left? Cycle touring will do exactly this.

Meet new people: Locals and visitors alike often like to find out where cyclists are touring. If you go by bike you will be asked where you have come from, where you are going and what distance you have covered. It’s all part of the experience of holidaying by bicycle and most cyclists enjoy it.

Achieve a goal: Maybe you have always fancied cycling an iconic route, such as coast to coast route, or ticking off a few of the famous cols in the Alps or Pyrenees. Whatever your chosen challenge, why not make a holiday out of it?

For quality family time: There are so many different options for successful family cycling holidays, including those that combine the beginner-friendly options of bike and boat holidays or flatter routes, such as cycling holidays in Holland.

To spend time with friends: Cycling is a sociable activity and there is usually plenty of time for chatting as you ride along. Many groups of friends enjoy booking an annual week-long cycling holiday or a few shorter cycling breaks.

To enjoy me-time: Cycle touring also offers the opportunity for people to take off for a tour on their own and relish the simplistic side of life. Pack the basics in your bike pack or panniers and enjoy the rewards of being self-sufficient. If you travel solo you can choose exactly how far you go each day, your speed and where you end up.

Now where will you choose to go on your cycling holiday this year?


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