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#Macsmoment - The best of 2018
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07 August 2018
#Macsmoment - The best of 2018

Travel inspiration can come from many places, but in particular seeing what like-minded adventure-seekers (just like you) are experiencing out there is the perfect spark for building dreams and exciting plans. Our #MacsMoment contest is about celebrating the moments (no matter how big or small) which join together to form unforgetta ble adventures and memories to treasure. This can be anything from a summit selfie, to a wildlife encounter, to that moment when your well-deserved beer hits the table at the end of the day! Thanks to our adventurers, here are some of our favour ite moments shared from Macs Adventure trips in 2018...

Those viewpoints you'll never forget..

Morning sun poking between the trees over River Leven. If you ever find yourself in this village, you have to stay at Allt-Na-Leven guest house. That was by far my favorite stop on the West Highland Way! #sonyalpha #sonya7rii #scotland #westhighlandway #sunrises #longexposure_shots #macsmoment #adventuretime #wanderlust #wonderful_places #awesome_globepix #nature_lovers #nature_prefection #photoshare_everything #photog #landscape_lover #landscapephotography #rivers #optoutside #exploremore #ig_captures #travelholic #sunrise_lovers #longexposureoftheday #ig_global_life #hik

Mascots & Memories

Who do you take with you on your travels? This little lucky charm had quite the adventure in the Cotswolds.

Jump for Joy

Because why not? [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/Bfic66PFTde/[/embed]

The Perfect Spots to Rest

Finding the perfect spot to take a rest during an active day is simply bliss. A bit of Catalonia sunshine adds an extra-special dimension!

The Moments to Celebrate

Whether it's the end (or even the beginning) of a long journey, the summits, the miles covered, or even the little achievements along the way, marking the moment with a celebratory snap cements it in time.

Moments With Loved Ones

Family, friends, partners... travel time together is precious, and something to look back on fondly for many years to come.

Ladies on a log. Break from on the bike! #Cyclingtrip2018 #macsmoment

A post shared by Angela O'Sullivan (@bobosulli) on Jun 27, 2018 at 10:49pm PDT

The Rewards!

And finally, one of the finest moments on any hike or bike ride (except for the hike or bike ride itself!) is that moment at the end of the day when you sit down and think "Ahhh, I deserve this!"...

An incredible "thank you" to all of our #MacsMoment photographers helping to share the inspiration. We firmly believe that self-guided walking, cycling, or adventure travel is the best way to get to know the world in the most immersive way possible, and your photos prove it! To browse hiking, biking, or active travel tours, visit our main website at www.macsadventure.com.

Frances McCann

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Frances McCann
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