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Adventure of the Week - Annapurna Foothills: Trekking in Style
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06 June 2018
Adventure of the Week - Annapurna Foothills: Trekking in Style

Nepal. It is the big, scary place to walk.  It is Mt Everest, Manaslu, Mera Peak.  It is altitude, long hard days, nights wrapped in tents. All of these things offer amazing rewards, but not everyone might be up for some hardcore trekking in Nepal. So, it is Macs Adventure to the rescue, with some of the very best trekking in Nepal, that is not too difficult and gives you somewhere beautiful and comfortable to lay your head every night. 

Trekking in Nepal

Just an example of what to expect when trekking here. Not bad eh!

In a Nutshell

Distance: 3-6 hours per day. This trip involves walking all over the Annapurna foothills, taking in different sides and it all being tailored exactly to how much you are up for. So on most days, you will be able to speak with your local guide and decide how much to walk on that day.

Grading: This trip is graded Easy to Moderate. I know! It sounds almost unfeasible to be walking in the Himalayas and getting in so many highlights, but with such an easy trip, but we have designed it so that we can open up Nepal to walkers of all fitness levels. Everyone should be able to enjoy this hiking paradise. Sticking to valleys and foothills mean that the paths are earier to walk, but the views and experiences on the route are still entirely breathtaking.

Where is it?

The Annapurna region is located in North Central Nepal.  While the tour starts and ends in Kathmandu, the bulk of the trip takes place up in Annapurna, which is only a short 25-minute flight away from Kathmandu. This short flight can be one of the highlights of the trip. On a clear day, there is pretty much no better scenery in the world from this height. The walking itself takes you to a series of Luxury Mountain Lodges, following the Modi river for much of the route, passing through a plethora of local villages, seeing a completely different way of life.

Why walk it?

For many people, it is all about the scenery. Despite being one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world, the Himalaya is definitely the most dramatic. With 50 peaks reaching over 7,200 metres, there is no shortage of dramatic mountain scenery.  The Annapurna region hosts one peak over 8,000m and 13 over 7,000m. The region is the largest protected area in Nepal, so everything is as it should be, as it has always been. The phrase 'walkers paradise' can be somewhat overused (occasionally by us, but we try our best!) but it has to be used for Annapurna. Internationally recognised as one of the greatest regions to walk in the world, the scenery is unforgettable.  To be surrounded by these towering peaks that make the hugely impressive Alps look like children is genuinely awe-inspiring.  Add to that the lush valleys, rich sub-tropical rain forests, laden with rhododendron, magnolias and orchids, and winding, icy-turquoise rivers and you have yourself a landscape of waking dreams.  To attest to its young age, you can also occasionally find little patches of sand, with fragments of shell, from the days when the Himalaya was still underwater.

ghundruk annapurna

Ghundruk Lodge, one of the Luxury stays on the trek

The people of the region play a hugely important role in the enjoyment of this trip too.  Not only will you be relying on their expertise and local knowledge to get the best out of your trip every day, but you will discover a tranquil way of life as people harness nature and work with their surroundings to build a rich and fulfilling life. During the course of the trip, you will come in contact with loads of friendly people who are keen to know your story or just say hello with a massive smile.  You will meet local artisans, creating woven beauty, intricate carvings and jewellery, inspired by their wild surroundings. Finally, it is worth talking about the lodges.  There is no roughing it on this trip.  Each of the Kier & Downey lodges we use on the route boasts the greatest comfort and service in the region. Their location and views are second to none, as is the incredible service from the local staff, ensuring that your stays in these lodges are unforgettable.  Some are built from tribal style houses, others handcrafted by local artisans. At each, you will be able to dine outside in the surrounding splendour before retiring inside to relax by the open fire.  An integral part of the whole experience.

Annapurna walking trail

Breathtaking scenery every step of the way

Planning and preparation

All you need to do to take the Annapurna Foothills Trek is to get yourselves to Kathmandu, then we will do the rest from there. Kathmandu is accessible from every major country, so just get online, book up your tickets and we will meet you there. If you have any questions about trekking in Nepal, get in touch with our team on  info@macsadventure.com, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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