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Adventure of the Week - Exploring the Italian Lakes
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26 July 2017
Adventure of the Week - Exploring the Italian Lakes

The Italian Lakes conjure up images of sophisticated vacationing in lush surroundings. And I am happy to tell you that the reality more than lives up to this vision.

Lake Maggiore in Italy with little villages on its shore

Drink in the views over Lake Maggiore

In a nutshell

Distance: Daily walks of around 10km

Grade: Easy to Moderate. While there is some walking in the high mountains, much of the trip is balanced by easier walks down by the lakes.  On a Drive and Hike itinerary, you can also easily decide to choose an easier walk, or just spend the day tasting your way through the gelateria!


Arriving in Milan, you will first drive down to iconic Lake Como. After exploring the best walking in the area your adventure will turn to discovering lakes Lugano, Maggiore and Orta before heading back to Milan to finish the trip. The region is intensely chic and it is a great balance between exploring the natural beauty of the area and the uniquely Northern Italian towns where you spend your evenings.

The town of Varenna lies across lake Como

Chic little Varenna in the distance.

Why Walk Here?

We can't overstate the stylish nature of this trip and driving and hiking in the region is a completely immersive experience.  The feeling that you are in a James Bond movie will not be far off the mark, with much of Casino Royale having been filmed in the area. Bellagio and Villa del Balbianello are spectacularly beautiful and the atmosphere of the towns around the lakes will make you instantly feel part of the culture. This trip also sees you not only taking to the road, but you will travel on the water too as you explore the lesser known parts of these famous lakes. Lombardy is also famed for its cuisine, with a focus on the fish from the lakes.  They love to cook with saffron here and here in the north risotto rules over the pasta, with rice growing better in Lombardy than anywhere else in the country.  Oh, and the pizza is pretty spectacular too!

A pizza is removed from a wood fired oven in Italy

Wood fired Pizza. Always a winner!

Planning and preparation


Contact info@macsadventure.com for further information.

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