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Adventure of the Week - Milford Track
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29 August 2018
Adventure of the Week - Milford Track

The seed for Macs Adventure's creation was planted while exploring New Zealand and ever since there has been a yearning for us to operate self guided walking trips out there. It has always sat in the back of our minds while we built our range of tours all over the world, but exploring the wilderness under your own steam always seemed just outside our grasp.  Until now!  We are ecstatic to be able to offer an incredible range of walking in New Zealand, and today we are going to kick off with the boss of them all, The Milford Track.

Outstanding Mountains and Valleys on the Milford Track

Outstanding Mountains and Valleys on the Milford Track

In a Nutshell

Distance: The walking route itself is 56km over four days of walking, but we have added some extra magic to this trip which you will discover as you read on. Grading: The Milford Track is graded Moderate to Strenuous.  There is some serious uphill and even more serious downhill on day 3.  However, don't let this put you off.  The rest of the trip is pretty flat, and the scenery makes it all more than worthwhile.  The paths are incredibly well maintained, and navigation couldn't be more straightforward, you just follow the path!  If you have any doubts, the route is loaded into our handy Macs App, so you don't have to worry about the occasional fork in the path.

New Zealand Mountain Parrot. A Kea.

A Kea. One of the many birds you are likely to encounter on the route.

Where is it?

The Milford Track is on the South Island of New Zealand.  Nestled in the southern part of the South Island is a lovely little town called Te Anau, where your adventure will begin.  From here you will take a short transfer to your water taxi, which will transport you down the beautiful Te Anau Downs to reach the starting point of the walk.  From here you will hike into the wilderness, staying in Department of Conservation (DOC) huts as you walk to the coast.  The end of the trip is at the world-renowned Milford Sound where we include a cruise up this spectacular fjord.

DOC hut on Milford Track New Zealand

One of the DOC huts on the Milford Track

Why do it?

Wilderness. This is one of the most remote and exciting trips we sell.  For three days you will be hiking through untouched scenery which evolves and changes as you walk along. Walk through deep tropical rainforest, surrounded by moss-clad branches and gigantic ferns as tiny birds follow your progress.  Discover crystal clear pools and inviting rivers (though be careful, they are glacial and while inviting, are cold enough to cause involuntary whooping upon entry) and marvel at the power of some awe-inspiring waterfalls. 

There are some outstanding mountain sections too, where the land becomes more barren but the views open up, revealing scenery that will burn itself into your memory. Staying in the DOC huts is another highlight.  The bonds that are made when staying in the middle of nowhere with other likeminded people are incredibly strong and relaxing on the balcony with a few drinks after a day in the wild is magical.  The huts are lovely modern structures, and in each one there will be a DOC Ranger who will be able to provide help, advice and is a font of knowledge. To stay in these huts means that you have to carry your own food and bedding, but we have this all sorted for you too.  When you book we can arrange for you to borrow any equipment you need, from sleeping bags to backpacks and all are of a very high standard.  We also get you to choose which food options you would like for your hike and deliver it all to your B&B the night before you head off on your adventure.  This means you can include this majestic trip as part of your longer trip to New Zealand, but not have to pack all the bulky hiking items in your luggage.

The end of the trip means a cruise up the Milford Sound. This tranquil fjord is formed of gigantic mountainous cliffs, that drop down into the clear, still water. Enormous waterfalls thunder down to meet the sea, while seals bask on rocks and porpoise leap from the water.  This is one of the 'must see' parts of New Zealand and what an experience to not just go there, but to walk there.

River in Milford Track

Crystal clear turquoise river.

Planning and preparation

The Milford Track is only open during the 'Great Walk Season' which runs from October-April, and the routes do get incredibly busy, so booking in advance is very much recommended. To get to Te Anau from Queenstown is a simple bus ride, or if you are hiring a car as part of your bigger trip to New Zealand, you can leave it with us in Te Anau and you will find it waiting for you when you get up to Milford Sound so you can seamlessly carry on the rest of your adventure.  If you are not hiring a car, we include a transfer back from Milford Sound to Te Anau, so once you arrive with us, we will completely look after you. If you have any questions regarding this trip, please get in touch with our team at info@macsadventure.com, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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