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Adventure of the Week - National Parks of the American West
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05 July 2017
Adventure of the Week - National Parks of the American West
Hit the road, live the dream, drive and hike through some of America's most diverse and extraordinary landscapes. [caption id="attachment_23796" align="aligncenter" width="800"]High red peaks of Zion national park, Utah Zion National Park Utah[/caption]

In a Nutshell

Tick off the highlights of the National Parks of the American West drive and hike trip, on a 7-night road trip that takes in Zion National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. The trip is also bookended by the cities of Phoenix and Las Vegas, so your itinerary will be packed with outstanding beauty on this tour of the American west. Distance: 35miles over 7 Walking Days Grading: Easy to Moderate.


The trip takes you through three States, Phoenix, Utah and Nevada. Time, wind and water have carved out some of the most unique landscapes you will find anywhere in the world. From the majesty of the Grand Canyon to the mystical hoodoo spires in Bryce Canyon. A large memory card for your camera is definitely a requirement for this trip. [caption id="attachment_23794" align="aligncenter" width="900"]A Hiker sits a the edge of Bryce Canyon and enjoys the view Taking in the views at Bryce Canyon[/caption] It is not just the walking that thrills, however. The drive through Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona is rated as one of the top five drives in the US and driving on Route 12 in Utah is unforgettably beautiful as big skies are punctuated by geological wonders. And if all this natural splendour is not enough, you can take in the strip in Las Vegas, a canyon of an entirely different kind!

Why Walk Here?

The density of geological wonder in this area is off the scale.  While the Grand Canyon is probably on everyone's list of must-sees, the surrounding area is so otherworldly and spectacular that we couldn't bear to send clients to this part of the world without showcasing it all. [caption id="attachment_23795" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Wide shot of the Grand Canyon with rock formations stretching to the horizon Hiking in the Grand Canyon[/caption] It is not every day that you get to walk in an area which is 2 billion years old.  The Grand Canyon is not just a breathtaking big hole in the ground, but in the compounded layers of the canyon walls, you can see a fractured geological history of the creation of the earth.  After blowing your mind with this massive concept, a few cocktails in Las Vegas will be well overdue. After blowing your mind with this massive concept, a few cocktails in Las Vegas will be well overdue!

Planning & Preparation

The walking is graded easy to moderate and many of the walks can be tailored by you, so you can decide how fit you are feeling and how much you wish to explore on any given day. [caption id="attachment_23791" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Havasupai Falls our into a crystal clear lake in the Grand Canyon Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon[/caption] This trip is available between March and November. The deserts get pretty hot during high summer (as you might expect), but the canyons and mountains still remain cool.  However, we would recommend Spring or Autumn to avoid the warmest of the weather and the largest of the tourist crowds. The most convenient airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is served by many different airlines, including British Airways, American Airlines, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic. From here you can pick up your rental car and it is an approximate 30 min drive to your first hotel. You can get back from Las Vegas airport pretty easily as it is a major international airport. Do have a browse of this trip or our other walking adventures in America, or contact us (info@macsadventure.com) if you need any information.
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