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AITO Pact and Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

We are proud to be an independent tour operator, constantly committed to improving the standard of our service. That is why we are delighted to announce our membership of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). What does this mean for you? Now when we proudly, if metaphorically, fly the AITO logo from the Macs Adventure mast, it demonstrates we share the values outlined in AITO's quality charter and have shown our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. AITO is the first tourism industry association to incorporate rules on responsible travel into its business charter and you can read about this on the AITO website. AITO's membership used to be focused on outbound tourism but with an increased interest in holidays at home, the organisation is welcoming more tour operators offering UK holidays. We are particularly looking forward to introducing AITO customers to the glories of the West Highland Way, Hadrian's Wall Path and the Coast to Coast trail.
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