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And for fun… Man Leg!
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01 August 2013
And for fun… Man Leg!
Have you heard about “Man Leg”? No doubt you will already have seen “Man Leg” but perhaps you were not aware of its name. Look at almost any photo of a man on a hill or mountain walk and they will be standing with one leg up and bent. The bent leg might be in front of them or to the side. We believe the phrase was first coined by Trail magazine but we have heard others use it. See photos for illustrations. It seems that men just can’t help themselves. They like to stand as though they have conquered the mountain (and even when they are only halfway up!). Go on, take a look at your album of photos of guys you know posing for a shot. I’ve added a few more pictures to show you what I mean.

get-attachment-40 get-attachment-41 get-attachment-42

Strangely women do not usually perform “Man Leg”. They are more likely to stand for a photo with their feet together or crossed. I have added a photo of me performing an exaggerated "Man Leg" just to show you how us girls would look! get-attachment-39

 Why do men do Man Leg?

Who knows, and it doesn’t really matter. It could be that men like to stand as if they have proudly conquered something or to look triumphant. It might just be an inbuilt thing. It's most certainly sub-conscious. The funny part of it all is just seeing how many times they do Man Leg, and without knowing it. [caption id="attachment_8451" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Man Leg when cycling! Man Leg when cycling![/caption]

Post your photos of Man Leg

We would love to see your photos of Man Leg. They won’t be difficult to find if you take pictures when you go walking. Go on, let’s see some of the best examples of Man Legs. You can post them on our Facebook page.

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