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Best Guidebooks and Maps for the Coast to Coast Walk
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03 November 2011
Best Guidebooks and Maps for the Coast to Coast Walk

There are many different types of literature relating to the Coast to Coast Walk each with their own take on the walk and itineraries.  I have decided to outline below the different books and maps relating to the Coast to Coast which I would recommend. The guidebook which we provide when you book your walk with us is Henry Stedman's Trailblazer guidebook.  The Trailblazer book provides step by step information with regards to travel information, itineraries for all types of walkers, what to see, where to eat, plant and animal life along the way.  There are plenty of alternatives for sale, but the Trailblazer really delivers and gives consistent and detailed descriptions, where many of the other guidebooks fall down.

Coast to Coast Walk, Coast to Coast, Walking holiday in England

Our favourite guide book on the Coast to Coast by Henry Steadman

Along with the Trailblazer guide, we also include the Harvey maps which relate to the section of the Coast to Coast Walk which you are undertaking i.e:  Central, East or West.  The Harvey map is easy to follow and is an adequate map to use for those of you who are not using GPS.  Again there are plenty of alternatives, but Harvey maps provide great quality, reliable, waterproof maps, an essential when you are in the middle of nowhere, pouring over which way to turn next.

Coast to Coast, Coast to Coast Walk, Walking Holiday in England

Harvey Maps - Great quality every time.

The other book which I can suggest is the book which started the walk - 'A Coast to Coast Walk by Alfred Wainwright ' this is Alfred Wainwright's book which he wrote after planning the walk back in 1968.  Even if you travel with the Trailblazer guide, Alfred Wainwright's book is a great souvenir to look back on after you have completed the Coast to Coast Walk. You may also enjoy reading Coast to Coast with Wainwright which is a slightly updated and illustrated copy of Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk and is also a great souvenir. Whatever you decide the guidebooks and maps on offer for this fantastic long distance walk will guide you along the path with ample information on your spectacular surroundings with a great knowledge of Walking in England.

Mireia Marques

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Mireia Marques
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