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Brittany: France's Hidden Gem
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20 December 2017
Brittany: France's Hidden Gem

This August I travelled to Brittany to path-find a new trip that has recently been added to the Macs Adventure collection: The Best of Brittany Granite Coast. I took my father on this adventure to discover this area together as we both knew very little about it. He has been a loyal travelling partner of mine for years now. Every adventure has brought us closer and helped us learn something new each time.

Rock formation while walking in brittany

Amazing rock formations on the Ile Remote Peninsula

"The number of Crêpe restaurants astonished us"

After landing in Paris and a couple of hours of train ride on the impressive TGV, we finally made it to Brittany, the Westernmost province of France. Our journey started in the town of Treguier, which instantly became one of my favourite places in this area. It has a charming old town with typical well-preserved wooden houses, none of which have seemed to have straight walls. After spending two nights in Treguier, you still have a lot to discover such as Perros-Guirec, the ‘Cote de Granite Rose’ and the charming Breton towns which will undoubtedly impress you! The number of Crêpe restaurants astonished us - while we did expect to find a few, we never even dreamed of one on nearly every corner! Regardless if you prefer savoury or sweet crêpes, these hidden gems will not disappoint you.

Coastal Path Walking in Brittany

Delightful Coastal Path Walking

The walks on this trip follow the spectacular GR34 route, which runs alongside Brittany’s rugged coastline. You will undoubtedly enjoy some stunning views on these trails, but as elevations are low, you will have to make relatively little effort to enjoy them. This makes Brittany the perfect destination for many: an excellent choice for first-timers, families, couples or anyone who wish to relax by the French coast and get to know this hidden part of France.

"the friendliness of the local people (and of course Google Translate), always helped us get around"

Even though nearly all the walks are along the coast, this tour offers varied scenery each day! Moreover, there were very few walkers on the paths, which made us feel very privileged. We barely met anyone who was not either French or local, which made the experience very authentic.

Lighthouse on Brittany Coast

Lighthouses dot the coast

While Brittany might be an undiscovered and unknown destination for many, it is a somewhat popular summer destination among the French. Despite not speaking any French, the friendliness of the local people (and of course Google Translate), always helped us get around and choose something delicious to eat each day. An additional perk on this tour is that the standard of service and accommodations in the region is high. This means that you will have plenty of chance to relax at the end of a day’s walking. While Brittany might not be a typical bucket list destination, it certainly deserves to be!

After visiting the region, I would gladly go back and spend a little more time to admire this unique landscape. For more information on walking in Brittany, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, or any of our destination specialists at info@macsadventure.com.

Kinga Baranya

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