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Cool socks for summer walking
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28 July 2015
Cool socks for summer walking

Bridgedale, a leading name in walking socks, has created a range of walking socks that are ideal for summer temperatures yet still work hard to keep your feet comfortable. The socks are created using Bridgedale’s so-called "WoolFusion technology", a unique combination of Enduro Wool and technical fibres that aim to balance insulation, fast-wicking moisture control and durability. There are three sock types in the WoolFusion range, in women and men’s fit and colours, including: 652_wf_trail_wmn_370_berry_shadowWomen’s Trail sock and men’s Trail sock men's trail_light_810_silver_navyWomen’s Trail Light sock and men’s Trail Light sock 130201490002_GUN_Z1Women’s Ultra Light sock and men’s Ultra Light sock

On test: Bridgedale women’s Trail Light socks

My first question was: What is Enduro Wool? I’ve heard of merino wool and even yak wool but what about Enduro Wool? Apparently, Enduro wool is the first spin of wool so it is nice and soft but also of high quality. Other spins will repeat the spinning process, which, I guess, is likely to make the wool less durable. The Trail Light socks sit somewhere between the Trail and the Ultra Light Trail socks and have a short-ish ankle, which makes them perfect for wearing with hiking shoes or off-road trainers. They are nicely padded in the heel and toe area with a varying degree of knit thickness through the forefoot and arch area of the foot. In the arch area there is also an element of elastic, which helps to offer support and to keep the sock nicely in place. On the top side of the sock is a kind of meshed area to allow sweat to evaporate. I love that socks are so technical these days. Sock makers seem to think of everything and these socks have been well designed for use in warmer temperatures and when a light walking sock is required. They feel comfortable to wear and do a good job in warm conditions. I chose to try these on one of the few warm days of summer 2015 in Scotland and inside a pair of walking shoes. I felt no rubs and suffered no sweat problems at all on a long trail hike. I have trusted in Bridgedale socks for years and this range of summer walking socks is well worth checking out if you plan to hike on a summer walking holiday. Choose a longer ankle, such as the Trail sock or Trekker sock, if you plan to wear a walking boot. Prices are around £13.99. See Bridgedale for more info and stockists.


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