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Jo’s Tips for Road Cycle Trips

13 Jul , 2016  

Packing & prep for a hassle free trip!

I’m heading out soon to the rolling hills of Tuscany, home of Strade Bianchi and cycling legend Gino Bartelli and as the rain pounds the office window, I can’t wait!

Besides carefully calculating fresh clothing required, hiring or taking my own bike is always my main consideration.

Why Hire?

  • Avoid the headache of dismantling and assembling your bike.
  • You don’t have to pay extra airline charges for taking a bike.
  • Enjoy travelling without the worry of your bike being damaged or missing in transit.


Furthermore, just as cycling has boomed in recent years so have the services along with it. Whether you prefer full carbon, di2-gearing or need extra range on your cassette, rental shops usually have something to accommodate most preferences.

Cycle the known steed..

Come rain on shine, you ride your bike. You clean it, tweak it and in turn, it becomes an extension of you, so for some there is no other option but to take your own bike. Before travelling we suggest:

  • Treating the bike to a full service
  • Pop some fresh tyres on pre trip


And the cycling..?

You’ve chosen a road cycling holiday as you’re a regular cyclist. It might be your 1st or 51st road cycling trip but one of the key factors of enjoyment is sticking to what you know.

  • Take a small stock of your favourite gels and bars that are known to your digestive system!
  • Wear the kit you know.
  • Don’t forget the chamois cream (works miracles in the saddle department).
  • And, don’t think it’ll always be sunny. Take kit for changeable conditions.

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