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Cycling: 10 great benefits
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16 October 2012
Cycling: 10 great benefits
Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports right now – and is tipped to keep on free-wheeling. Even if you’re not yet a cyclist you will have seen so many more riders out on their bikes in recent years. This summer, with the Olympics inspiring so many more people to get into sport, cycling has witnessed an even bigger boost. So what is it that makes cycling such a great activity? And what are the fitness benefits of getting in the saddle?

10 reasons to go cycling

 You’ll look better: Cycling uses fat as fuel so you’ll lose weight and improve your body shape. Cycling at a moderate speed, a person weighing 10st will burn about 500 calories per hour. Health booster:  Cycling improves your immune system and helps in the prevention and cure of depression. Beats disease: Cycling is a cardiovascular exercise, which means you’ll vastly reduce your risk of heart disease, some forms of cancer and diabetes. Live for longer: Statistics show that people who, for example, cycle to work regularly enjoy the wellbeing of people 10 years younger. Feel good: Cycling boosts oxygen to the brain and is a great way to release your feel-good hormones, endorphins. Cash saver: Apart from walking, cycling is the cheapest way to travel. It’s green: More than two-thirds of all car journeys made in the UK are between one and two miles, and nearly 75 per cent are less than five miles. These journeys create pollution, but most people are capable of cycling these short distances. Time saver: Many people find that it is often quicker to cycle shorter distances, especially at busy commuter times. Great for the kids:  As more children become over weight and inactive, parents can set an example of a healthier lifestyle by encouraging family cycle rides. See Europe at its best: Cycling at a level of effort similar to a gentle stroll gives riders the chance to cover many miles in only a few hours. There are so many amazing places to see in Europe by bike.

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