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My Dream Walking Holidays for 2018
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18 December 2017
My Dream Walking Holidays for 2018
If you’re like me, thinking about the next adventure takes up most of your time. I’ll be daydreaming of sandy beaches as my train plods through the Scottish snow, or thinking of climbing mountains during that oh-so-important meeting at work. Since I don’t want to be the only one dreaming of getting away from the humdrum of life, I wanted to inspire others by going through my top three trips for 2018. These trips are the ones I have spent the most time thinking about, for various reasons. I hope you’ll enjoy dreaming of them as much as I do.

1.       The Cotswold Way

[caption id="attachment_25536" align="aligncenter" width="2592"]white path leads through green countryside in the Cotswolds Typical scenery on our Cotswold Walks[/caption] The Cotswolds is, to me, the quintessential area of England. It is the place on our biscuit tins, on our postcards, and has some of the oldest buildings, still maintained by original methods. When I think of travelling to the Cotswolds, walking along the finest National Trail, I imagine being welcomed into warm pubs, with roaring fires, and dogs sleeping on the rug. I think of the taste of steak pie, and cider after a long day’s walk over rolling green hills. I love to imagine the sounds of birds, and the wildlife I could spot as I wandered through the farms and woodlands. Sometimes, in my more creative moments, I like to think that I’d find a spot to set up a spot for an easel and begin painting the countryside. In my less creative moments, I hope I’ll be able to take a half-decent picture for our website. We have also begun offering Cotswold Way cards, which you can get stamped along the route. Once complete, you can join the official Hall of Fame, and choose to receive either a badge or iron-on patch. Either of them would make a nice memento to show my grandfather, who instilled in my family the love of adventuring.

2.       The Shakespeare’s Way

[caption id="attachment_25537" align="aligncenter" width="481"]Walking beside the River Avon on the Shakespeares Way Delightful walking by the River Avon[/caption] This might not seem like the most exotic or adventures holiday to you, but to me, this might actually be a trip of a lifetime. I recently graduated with an English Studies degree, so who better to follow in the footsteps of than The Bard? If you are a literature buff, The Shakespeare’s Way is an absolute must. Not only can you begin your walk by taking in one of the regular Shakespeare plays in Stratford-upon-Avon, and see big names like Christopher Eccleston preform, you also end in Oxford, the filming location of Inspector Morse, and home to some of the most famous universities. An amazing bonus to this trip is that the Shakespeare’s Way begins in Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of my dissertation subject, Marie Corelli. Corelli was a Victorian bestseller and an eccentric woman. For the last two years, it has been my dream to visit her home, see her gondola (that she had imported from Italy) and perhaps, even be in time to see a lecture about her. If you’re looking for some history with your walks, and are interested in exploring the lives to people who changed the way modern literature is written, and how we interact with it, this is the perfect tour. I know it’s certainly on my Bucket List.

3.       The Glacier Express Rail and Hike

[caption id="attachment_25538" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]Glacier Express in Switzerland The Slow Moving Glacier Express[/caption] I recently had training on this trip, and it has completely swamped my imagination since then. When the first flakes of winter fall outside the office window, I cannot help but think of the snow-capped mountains, and fantastic views that I’d see on this tour. Every hill I climb on the weekend, I imagine I see the Matterhorn on the horizon. I can almost feel a magnetic pull towards the Glacier Express Switzerland holds a great deal of appeal for me, not only for the fantastic chocolate but also for the raclette, which I would love to try. I’d also love to hear the cowbells clanging through the valley, and finding alpine flowers. Yes, it may be an idealised notion of how the trip might be, but they are my daydreams, and I plan to enjoy myself when I get the chance to go. I am also very excited to ride on the Famous Glacier Express. From a young age, my father took me on team strains, trams and vintage busses (he is probably to blame for my nerdy qualities). Every time I see a unique or unusual style of transport, I remember the feeling of elation I first had, hanging my head out the steam train window, and my dad’s arms wrapped around my waist. I’d love to bring him with me and see how he marvelled at the scenery, and the construction of the train itself – particularly, the panoramic windows. It’s no secret that we at Macs Adventure love to travel, and I hope this has given you a little insight on my travel bucket list for 2018. Time will tell if I can make it to all three places, and until then I will enjoy dreaming of the next adventure. In fact, I have daydreamed too much already, and find myself late for a meeting – oops!
Anna Wren

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Anna Wren
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