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Essential Phrases for the Tour du Mont Blanc
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22 January 2018
Essential Phrases for the Tour du Mont Blanc

Learning the local language will definitely improve the quality of your trip. Being able to interact with local people, even if it is just the pleasantries, will make all the difference and in France, Italy and Switzerland. We have supplied both French and Italian phrases as for the small amount of time you will spend in Switzerland, you will get by with either of these languages (or more likely English).

We would suggest getting your hands on a small phrasebook, or app to see you through your trip, but we wanted to give you some phrases that we have found very useful when taking a Macs Adventure trip.

french words

For this guide, you will see French translations in Blue, and Italian translations in Green.


Hello – Bonjour / Ciao

Good morning – Bonjour / Buongiorno

Good afternoon – Bonsoir (only for the evening or end of the afternoon) / Buona sera

Good night – Bonne nuit / Buona notte

Yes - Oui / Si

No - Non / No

Please – S’il vous plait / Prego

Thank you - Merci / Grazie


Food and Drink

Breakfast – Petit Dejeuner / Colazione

Lunch – Dejeuner / Pranzo     

Dinner - Dîner / Cena

Cheers! – Santé! / Salute!

Enjoy your meal – Bon appétit / Buon Appetito!

Could I have the bill please? – Pourrais-je avoir l’addition s’il vous plaît/ Posso avere il conto?

I’d like..., please – J’aimerais …. merci / Io vorrei.....per favore

I’m vegan – Je suis végétalien / Sono Vegano

I’m vegetarian – Je suis végétarien / Sono Vegetariano

I’m gluten free – J’ai un régime sans gluten / Sono Celiaco

Do you have gluten free options? – Avez vous des options sans gluten ? / Avete cibo per celiaci?

What time is breakfast/dinner – A quelle heure est le petit déjeuner/dîner? / A che ora e' la colazione/cena?

How much is it? – combien ça coûte? / Quanto costa?  


What time do you collect our bags? – A quelle heure récupérez-vous nos bagages? / A che ora prendete i nostri bagagli?

Where do we leave our bags in the morning? – Où devons nous deposer nos bagages le matin? / Dove lasciamo i bagagli la mattina?

My name is ... and my booking is with Macs Adventure – Mon nom est …… et j’ai reservé avec Macs Adventure. / il mio nome e'......e la mia prenotazione e' con Macs Adventure.

I don’t speak French– Je ne parle pas francais. / non parlo Italiano.

Do you speak English? – Est ce que vous parlez anglais ? / Parla inglese?

Where is the nearest...? – où est le / la / l’ ………………le/la plus proche ? / Dove e' il piu vicino

Supermarket? – Le supermarché / Supermarket?

Bank? – La banque / Banca

Bus stop? – L’ arrêt de busbus stop.

Pharmacy? – La pharmacie / farmacia.

It hurts here – ça fait mal ici / Sono ferito qui

I’m lost – Je suis perdu(e) / Mi sono perso

Can you tell me how to find my hotel? – Pouvez-vous me dire où se trouve mon hôtel? / Mi puo dire come posso trovare il mio hotel?

Where can I find drinking water? – Où est ce que je peux trouver de l’eau potable ? / Dove trovo acqua potabile?

What’s the WiFi password? – Quel est le mot de passe pour le Wifi ? / Posso avere la password per il wi-fi?

Do you sell blister plasters? – Est ce que vous vendez des pansements pour les ampoules ? / Avete dei cerotti anti vescica?

Where is the toilet? – Où sont les toilettes? / Dove e' il bagno?


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