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Falling in love with adventure travel
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14 February 2018
Falling in love with adventure travel

Wandering the unfamiliar streets, feeling the sun warm me as it wrapped the beautiful old crumbling buildings in morning glow, that was the moment I fell in love.  Standing alone in the middle of an old courtyard, long since forgotten, with a few locals waking up and the sounds of the trickling fountain disturbing the peace, it was the perfect place to stop. Drinking hot coffee and enjoying my croissant, I couldn’t help but smile. I was alone. But this place had captured me and I truly fell in love with this new adventure, travel. Falling in love is normally associated with a person, or something ‘alive’ that can give you something back. Calling home to let them know I was in love, their first thought was probably not with this new city, landscape or adventure.

Adventure travel is something you can really love

Like love, adventure travel has its ups and downs

No love is all glitter, roses and smiles. As Noah (in the film 'The Notebook') would say: "it’s going to be hard, really hard and we’ll have to work at this every day, but it’s worth it" and he was right. It’s hard to make the decision to get on that plane, to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s pretty scary, to go chasing a dream but it all pays off when what you had only ever seen on the TV, in the movies or read about in books is suddenly ‘alive’ in front of you. The real thing is always better than what they say in the movies, right? While things may not always go as planned there will always be a detour to follow, or simply a tree to jump over to get to the track. The highs are always better than the lows!  

You’ll crave it when it’s gone

Just like that love you once had. You’ll crave it when it’s gone. Adventure travel sticks to your soul when you fall in love with it. The memories of all the fun you had, the new people you met and the incredible places you called home during that time will flash into your mind at any time of the day. Reminding you what once made your smile so big it hurt your face. When the adventure is finished and you return back to the routine of everyday life, you’ll miss these moments more; in fact, you’ll crave them. You’ll keep craving them until you book it again. Because there is nothing like the mountain air of the Matterhorn or the romantic castles of France. Returning from the mountains in New Zealand, temples in Thailand and the incredible culture of Nepal. I’m dying to get back on the road; I’m already craving my next adventure travel trip. So where’s next? All I can say is Switzerland is calling my name!

There's so much to see and explore!

Adventure is always best when it’s shared

It's just like when in the film "Into the Wild" they say that ‘happiness is only real when shared’. Adventure is always more fun when someone else comes along. When you can both stand on top of that summit you thought was impossible, staring out over the valleys, clouds and onwards to the ocean. Surrounded by mountain peaks with your hands held high and big smiles. Whether you experience it alone or with other people, you will fall in love with adventure travel and the incredible memories it creates! That has to be, one of the best things about adventure travel, it is a love that can be shared with others.

Sharing your adventures, creating memories together

Adventure travel will bring out the best version of you

Not only will you be exploring new landscapes, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and possibly even learning a little of a new language along the way, you’ll also find the best version of yourself. Whether you have decided to go it alone on this adventure, or travel with friends, the best version of you will come out every time. It could be that your biggest challenge is visiting a new country or taking on a new adventure alone. It could be walking 12 miles every day when last year you couldn’t even manage 5 miles!  So c’mon, get out there and find your best self, what’s stopping you?

Traveller plans their adventure in front of a world map

Start planning your next adventure

Do you need some inspiration for your next adventure? You can check out the Macs Adventure website, or you can get in touch with us on info@macsadventure.com   

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