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Feedback Favourites: Mr. Porky&'s, clever horses & an epic week
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18 September 2013
Feedback Favourites: Mr. Porky&'s, clever horses & an epic week
Thank you for taking the time to write a review of your Macs Adventure.  As much as we value your feedback, as it is very constructive, we have to admit we cannot help but laugh at your funny stories, too!  From clever horses to pints and Mr. Porky's for dinner, you certainly know how to share the best of your Macs Adventure.34926069_267772_full R&G from San Fransisco, walked Hadrian's Wall for 8 days and noted it was a great walk to try something new and relax. They offer tips to fellow walkers: if you take too much time to view the sites, you may be at risk (of eating crisps and drinking pints!).  "There is a lot of history along the way, and at this pace, if you stop to examine any of the sites beyond a cursory glance, especially in the more rural, middle section of the trek, your day can become quite long and you stand a good chance of your dinner consisting of a few pints and a couple of bags of Mr. Porky's (not that I minded). " The most memorable moment of walking Hadrian's Wall? The mind-game playing-horses, of course!  "We were crossing a field which contained a bridge spanning a small ravine.  As I passed over the bridge, one horse got between my wife and I and then blocked it.  As I went through the kissing gate, the first horse followed me into it and blocked my wife's path, obviously waiting for us to pay some toll.  Sorry to say, we'd already eaten our lunches, otherwise I would have rewarded them for their cleverness."  "5 Stars for the English Coast to C662.iStock_000006833908Mediumoast!", exclaim six world travellers from Essex . They definitely got the absolute most out of this walk!  "Forget 'around 190 miles' - we clocked up 230 by using the high routes wherever possible."  They walked the Coast to Coast over 14 days but felt 13 days would have been the optimum length.  "We never got lost once thanks to the brilliant book with detailed walking notes that is provided plus we had a GPS device for checking WP's. Each day is different to the previous and the scenery changes are remarkable."  Six from Essex did note how valuable good quality oCara Downhillutdoor gear is "We had one day with rain and on that day we learnt just how important good quality outdoor clothing was (a lesson too late for us!). "An Epic Week!" is how Dave, an enthusiastic adventurer from Cumbria describes Scottish Coast to Coast Mountain Biking.  "We had a great week, we saw parts of Scotland that few people will get to, the route was imaginative and fun, with some challenges along the way - it was more than we could have expected, and would thoroughly recommend the trip and Macs Adventure." What is the best use for this trip? If you are looking for a challenge, up for a "boys trip" or trying something new, then Scottish Coast to Coast Mountain Biking is 100% for you. A few more tips to stick in your back pocket: Hilltop Villages of Dordogne:  The region is fantastic but you will have long days. Be prepared and take a water purifier.  You may also want to consider a rest day or two; Daniel from Australia recommends Beaulieu as the place to rest up. A Long Walk on the Isle of Skye: You can walk for miles and miles, and you may not meet anyone.  Looking for peace and tranquillity whilst immersed in dramatic landscapes? This is twssggws_loch_ness_lodgehe trip for you. Great Glen Way in Style Vince Hearing can't imagine being able to improve this tour.  "This is an outstanding trip in every regard; the info was complete and accurate, all accommodations were excellent and the Loch Ness Lodge was outstanding; we were very happy to have a second day there."  We hope sharing our feedback favourites provides useful tips and tricks when planning your Macs Adventure (and makes you laugh too!).
Sarah Gillis

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Sarah Gillis
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