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Fuel your day outdoors: Our Top 6 Snacks to Pack
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31 May 2013
Fuel your day outdoors: Our Top 6 Snacks to Pack
    When you are spending your day on the move, it can be difficult to keep energy levels up.  To fuel your day of walking, cycling, canoeing, or any activity, it is important to eat and to eat right. Walker in Switzerland, breaking for a snack. As outdoor adventurers, we need snacks that will keep us fueled for the long haul. We are   not  looking for a burst of energy for an hour workout - we need to keep energy levels up all day.  Our snacks also have to be light; light as in they will not add too much weight to our packs and most importantly, full of energy-induced, deliciousness. Experienced travellers say it is best to eat little and to eat often.  This will help avoid the fatigue experienced following a heavy meal; when our bodies are so busy digesting, they are not interested in cycling those 40 km we had planned for the afternoon. Although we are not including water, this is an obvious choice to include in your pack.  It is very important to drink plenty of water to ensure you stay hydrated the entire day. Here are our top snack suggestions to help fuel your day: 1. Dried Fruit and Nutsnuts-snack Also known as Gorp or Trail Mix, this has to be at the top of our list.  Not only is it packed with nutritious goodness, it is easy to make on your own.  You can choose your favorite selection of dried fruits, nuts and seeds to make a satisfying snack that is easy to eat on the move.  Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews are just a few delicious, nutty options full of protein and healthy fat. Nuts will provide a sustained energy boost; add the dried fruit and those carbs are exactly what you need to keep you feeling alive. 2.  Energy Bars The name is a good indication that these bars should definitely make it into your pack.  Energy, or cereal bars, are great for the outdoors, as their packaging will keep them safe in your pack.  So you get to the supermarket, you are standing in front of the highly saturated energy bar section, and you are wondering what to choose.  Look for an energy bar high in protein with natural ingredients; rolled oats, honey, nuts, coconut, dried fruit, and dark chocolate are all good for you and delicious.  These healthy ingredients, especially oats, will fill you up and give the slow-release energy, perfect for a daylong expedition.   dark-chocolate 3. Dark Chocolate    That’s right. We said it, chocolate! Delicious, satisfying and good for you. Dark chocolate helps control blood sugar. It is loaded with antioxidants, which help rid your body of free radicals. Also high in vitamins and minerals to support your heath,  the benefits are certainly reason enough to enjoy dark chocolate as a guilt-free snack! Moderation is key here; reward yourself after a tough climb with two pieces of cocoa yumminess. 4.  Beef Jerky Calling all meat lovers! Two words: beef jerky. Another great light weight snack to have ready to pull out of your daypack.  Many people love this mouth-watering, protein packed snack.  It comes in a variety of tasty flavors including teriyaki, sweet, hot, original turkey jerky and much more. This is also packaged so it will stay safe until you are ready to chow down.    5. Apples Knock off oneSnacks-apple of your five-a-day while chewing on a sweet, delicious apple.  These are a great pick as they do not go bad quickly and can be easily tossed into your pack. When choosing fruit, choose something that can stand a day rolling around in your pack. By avoiding fruit with a peel, you can also cut back on the waste and weight in your daypack.  Apples are a nutritious way to get your energy fix and will keep you feeling strong throughout your day outdoors.   6. Cheese & Crackers Not only great with wine, cheese is a great snack to have on hand when you’re taking a break from climbing mountains, cycling through a vineyard or paddling on a loch.  We recommend packing hard cheese; they are robust enough to survive on a trail and can handle a moderate amount of heat.  Delicious when paired with whole-wheat crackers, this is a nutritional snack that includes plenty of protein, fat and carbohydrates. walkers-snack-pack These are our top snacks to pack but there are so many more options.  When making your choices, be sure to fuel your body the right way, choosing nutritious, satisfying snacks to maximize your energy levels and time outdoors.  Remember, it is always beneficial to choose snacks without a lot of waste, light enough to avoid unecessary weight and with the ability to survive a day rolling around your pack.  Make healthy choices full of natural ingredients and most importantly, remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. We hope you will find these tips useful when you are packing to go on your next outdoor adventure!    
Sarah Gillis

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Sarah Gillis
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