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Germany&'s Red Deer Trail: Must Do List
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25 November 2013
Germany&'s Red Deer Trail: Must Do List
The Red Deer Trail is a classic self-guided walking tour through the nature reserves and woodland of the Northern Black Forest, to the north of Freudenstadt. The route includes both the largest area of upland moorland in the whole of Germany and the Mummelsee Lake, both the highest and largest lake in the area, dating from the ice age. Germany's Blast Forrest is a mecca for hikers! Your Red Deer Trail Must Do List: Ellbachseeblick-m-Bank-crop1. Follow part of two long distance walking routes—the Mittelweg and Westweg; the latter created in the early 1900s as one of the very first trails of its kind!           2. Soak up views over pine forests and pastures; breath in the clear mountain air.   3. Choose whshutterstock_75689194-black-forest-gateauxich of Baiersbronn’s three Michelin starred restaurants to dine at (indulge in Black Forrest cake!).           shutterstock_62188882-freudenstadt4. Explore the charming traditional Black Forest town of Freudenstadt (home to Germany’s largest picturesque market square).         beer 5. Treat yourself to a well-deserved glass of chilled German riesling or craft beer.
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