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Which Grade of Cycling Holiday is for me?
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29 December 2017
Which Grade of Cycling Holiday is for me?

Taking your next holiday by bike is a wonderful idea, but a significant commitment and we want to make sure you choose the trip that is perfect for you.  The grade of the cycling holiday is a great place to start.  This determines how tough the trip is going to be as you don't want to head off for a relaxing week in the saddle, only to find that you have to climb a mountain every day! So here is our guide to which level of trip is best for you.

EASY Haven't been on a bike for a while, or ever? Then Easy is the way to go. These relaxed cycling trips are ideal for beginners and families looking for an adventure but without a massive amount of effort. There is plenty of time to relax built into the tours, with short cycling days and not too many uphill sections. Many of our more leisurely trips are Bike & Boat trips, where you cycle during the day on riverside cycle paths and stay overnight on a boat which follows you down the river. This means that if there is a day you don't wish to cycle, you can rest onboard and watch the world slip by.  See a selection of easy cycling holidays.

Distance per Day: Less than 20 miles (32 km)

examples of easy cycling holidays

3 Easy Tours: The Moselle Cycle Path, Loire River Cycle Path and Danube Bike & Boat

EASY TO MODERATE If you want to go a little more energetic, then boost up to an Easy to Moderate cycling holiday. These trips are perfect for occasional riders, those who get out on their bikes once or twice a year. There are some longer days involved, so a better level of bike fitness is required, but still, there is plenty of time to kick back and relax. You won't be pushed too hard, but a little challenge is involved. This grade is where the bulk of our leisure cycling trips live, so you are spoiled for choice. Have a look through the range of easy to moderate cycling holidays.

Distance per Day: 21 - 34 miles (33 - 54 km)

three examples of easy to moderate cycling holidays.

Easy to Moderate Cycling Holidays: Croatia Bike & Boat, Lake Constance Cycle Path, Scottish Island Hopscotch

MODERATE This is where you start to get a challenge on your cycling holiday. Some of these trips take you into the hills, pushing you a bit harder, but giving you equal rewards. We would recommend that you are a regular cyclist for this kind of trip, someone who is out on their bike weekly, and who leads an active lifestyle. The trips tend to push you harder, but not so much that you will not be able to enjoy the trip. There is always time to visit that winery or take a leisurely lunch on the main square of the hilltop village. View a selection of moderate grade cycling holidays.

Road Cycling: Moderately graded road cycling tours are perfect for road cyclists that enjoy a shorter but challenging ride. These tours are superb if you want to experience your first road cycling trip or are looking for a tour that allows plenty of time to soak up regional wine, foods and historic sights.

Distance per Day: 35 - 45 miles (56 - 72 km)

3 examples of moderate cycling holidays

Moderate Cycling Trips: Authentic Algarve by bike, Biking to Barcelona, Cycle Parma to Bologna

MODERATE TO STRENUOUS This grade is for those who like to push themselves. Those who cycle regularly and want to test their abilities. There are long days in the saddle, tough climbs and doing this back to back makes for a holiday built for a true cyclist. Burning those thighs does bring rewards, however. As we all know, challenging uphills, make for glorious downhills and you will coast through some of the most excellent scenery in Europe. Most of our Moderate to Strenuous holidays are road cycling, so you should be familiar with a light, fast bike and know its ins and outs. View a selection of moderate to strenuous cycling holidays.

Road Cycling: Moderate to Challenging road cycling tours encompass some longer testing climbs and long descents, so familiarity with such would be required. These tours as also great if you are looking to tick off you first famous Alpine climb or ride across iconic road cycling regions of Europe.

Distance per Day: 46 - 54 miles (74 - 86 km)

3 examples of moderate to strenuous cycling tours

Moderate to Strenuous Tours: Road Cycling: Mont Ventoux & Provence, Tour of Tuscany: Florence to Montepulciano, Isle of Skye Cycling Tour

For more information on our range of cycling trips, visit our cycling homepage at - https://www.macsadventure.com/cycling-holidays/ or get in touch with our dedicated cycling specialists at info@macsadventure.com


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