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Great Article on Walking Hadrian&'s Wall
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24 September 2009
Great Article on Walking Hadrian&'s Wall
I came across this wonderful article about Trekking Hadrian's Wall in the Smithsonian Magazine written by Andrew Curry. The article gives a great insight into walking Hadrian's Wall and the range of historical and local interest encountered along the way. David conveys the pleasure and pain walking Hadrian's Wall perfectly and I really enjoyed the insight he gives into the life and attitudes of those who live on the wall. As well as the huge historical significance of Hadrian's Wall. The interactive Hadrian's Wall slideshow also gives a great idea of the landscapes, people and points of interest that can be enjoyed on Hadrian's Wall. You can view our Hadrian's Wall slideshow, a collection of images taken while walking Hadrian's Wall on our Hadrian's Wall website. Macs Adventure is the leading provider of self-guided walking holidays on Hadrian's Wall, offering a range of itineraries, hand picked accommodation and baggage transfer on Hadrian's Wall. I hope this trekking Hadrian's Wall article will inspire you to join us on Hadrian's Wall soon.



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