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Great cycling clothing for women
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06 June 2013
Great cycling clothing for women
Women no longer need to buy smaller men’s cycle clothing and kit. Almost all brands have fantastic, high-quality gear that is designed specifically to suit women’s physique. Have a think about the difference between the average man and woman. Women tend to have wider hips and narrower waists. They have longer legs when compared to their torso length and they are generally shorter than the average bloke. Their hands and feet are smaller and narrower. Obviously, they have chests, too, and a different set-up down below! All these physical differences are catered for in the best women’s cycle clothing and gear.

Five top cycle products for women

Bibbed and padded shorts Women’s cycle short padding should be designed to offer comfort at the front and butt end. If you can find ventilated padding, as in Sugoi’s RS bib shorts, then all the better. Also look for narrower fit shorts or tights (especially around the ankle area) and grip strips inside the shorts legs to help to keep garments in place. Once you’ve tried bib shorts you’ll never look at waist high shorts again. They offer an amazingly neat and comfortable fit around the waist and have enough of a rise to keep backs and tummies warm in cooler weather or when travelling down hill. Some brands, such as Assos and Santini, now make women’s bib shorts with straps that lie in between breasts rather than on the outside in the traditional male way. These are more comfortable for some ladies. Women’s bike seats images-4Generally wide in the butt bones and a little plumper, women’s derrieres take kindly to a female-fit seat. Women’s seats tend to be wide at the butt area. In addition, a hole in the front area of the bike seat helps to alleviate pressure at the front end. (I hope we have put this as delicately as we could!) Women’s cycle jerseys images-5For decades, women cyclists bought men’s jerseys and either wore them baggy or had them tailored to fit their curves. Now women’s cycling jerseys come in female shapes, sizes and colours. Nipped and tucked to fit waists, hips and boobs, you’ll discover cycle jerseys in sizes XS to XXL. The advantages of cycle jerseys include fabrics that are breathable and also back pockets in which to stow all your bike kit, including spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, sunglasses, mobile phone, money and perhaps even a lip-gloss Sports bras images-6Whatever sport you are doing, there will be chest bounce. Every bounce has the potential to irreversibly damage the Cowper ligaments that keep breasts firm. Cycling is no different! You only have to think of the bumpy road surfaces. Invest in a good, high quality sports bra to keep everything where it should be for your bike ride or cycling holiday. Cycling shoes imgres-17If you’ve discovered the power of clip-on cycle shoes, make sure you buy women’s specific. They are designed to fit a narrower foot. It’s important that cycle shoes fit neatly and do up fairly tightly. In any case, women’s cycle shoes often look prettier than the blokes’ versions! Tell us your top tips for women’s cycling and women’s cycling holidays.

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