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Great gadget: LifeStraw Steel personal water filter
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17 December 2015
Great gadget: LifeStraw Steel personal water filter

LifeStraw started out by making water filters for people in developing countries, where clean water is often scarce. They then moved into the outdoors and adventure market, recognising that walkers, runners, campers and cyclists might also make good use of a water bottle with a filter. Now, in celebration of LifeStraw’s 10th anniversary, the Swiss company has launched a new personal filter, the LifeStraw Steel. The water filter is encased in a durable metallic blue and silver stainless steel exterior and features a two-stage water filtration process that reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odour. It also removes bacteria and protozoa. LifeStraw Steel has been added to the growing collection that also includes the LifeStraw personal filter and the LifeStraw Go refillable water bottle. For socially conscious consumers, buying a LifeStraw water filter brings clean water to Kenyan children. For each purchase, a school child in rural Kenya receives safe water for an entire school year.

LifeStraw Steel


LifeStraw Steel looks like a metal tube on the outside. It weighs 113g and measures 20cm by 2.5cm. At one end you can see the two-stage filtration system that comprises an activated carbon filter to trap chlorine, then hollow- fibre technology to trap pathogens and let only filtered water escape. To use the LifeStraw Steel you simply place one end in water and drink through the other end. The advantages of the Steel is it’s lightweight and portable. It is easy to use because you dip one end into water and drink from the other end. It doesn’t store water inside so you can’t carry water with you but if you were looking for this kind of gadget there’s the LifeStraw Go refillable water bottle. For adventurous walkers and cyclists, the LifeStraw Steel is a useful product. You can keep it in a rucksack pocket for emergencies. If you are away from a main water supply for a day, or even a few days, the Steel will give you the security of knowing you’ll always have fresh drinking water, so long as there is water in your natural environment, such as in rivers, lakes or streams.


The carbon block needs to be replaced every 100 litres of filtered water, while the hollow fibre membrane is replaced after 10,000 litres of use. The LifeStraw Steel costs around £45 to £50. Search on-line for UK sales.


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