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Hannah&'s 3 Need-To-Know Tips For A Canadian Rockies Adventure
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18 May 2018
Hannah&'s 3 Need-To-Know Tips For A Canadian Rockies Adventure

Working in tour development means long days traveling, lots of research, a few wrong turns, and long days on the road. But, the rewards are getting to know many wonderful corners of the globe up close and personal, and that wonderful feeling knowing that you've created the perfect stress-free itinerary, and that all that knowledge and research adds up to the best experience of a fantastic destination for future adventure-seekers to enjoy. We asked Hannah, who has recently created some superb itineraries in the Canadian Rockies, to share her insider tips for making the most of a trip to Canada's Rocky Mountains.

1. Get Off The Beaten Path


Explore historic railway towns like Revelstoke

Outside the ski season, Hannah suggests that the Powder Highway is still a road well worth taking in the summer! "Visit the historic railroad towns of Field, Golden, and Revelstoke (this itinerary is the perfect way to see them all), where you’ll meet locals and outdoor enthusiasts (it’s not called the Powder Highway for nothing!), but far fewer tourists. Here you can still marvel at the Alpine scenery, jagged peaks, and glaciers in real solitude."

2. Take An Extra Day For The Hot Springs!

Hot springs are the perfect way to unwind in the Rockies!

"There are great hot springs all over the region," Hannah says, "including some in the towns of Banff and Jasper, and a short drive from the town of Revelstoke. Treat yourself by taking time off the trail to experience these relaxing geothermic springs!". If you're considering a Macs Adventure itinerary, we're always happy to customise your trip to add extra days.

3. Get Out Of The Car!

Hannah in the Canadian Rockies

Hannah gets to know the great outdoors

The Rockies are VAST! And travelling by car helps to see as many of the highlights as possible, but try to just use the car as a tool to help you join up adventures, to really get to know the people and places: "Many tourists to this area rarely venture far from the car, so whether you decide to spend your days hiking, or leave the car behind altogether and pedal your way through the Rockies, you’ll get a much more intimate and rewarding experience outside the car."

To browse some new ways to explore the Canadian Rockies on an independent self-guided adventure, have a look at the latest Canadian adventures on foot, or by bike on our website.

Frances McCann

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Frances McCann
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