How do I navigate the Cotswold Way?

30 Nov , 2013  

The Cotswold Way is the perfect choice for a walking holiday of between five and 10 days. Following a 100-mile route through picturesque countryside you’ll enjoy the views, villages built from the characteristic local honey-coloured stone and the chance to visit many famous ancient sites, some dating back to Neolithic times.

This wonderful English National Trail is also a great idea if you are not so sure about navigation. The Cotswold Way is well signed through its entire length. You will see a distinctive acorn symbol on stiles, gates and signposts as you walk along and, additionally, many of the signs include the name of the trail.

Guiding for the Cotswold Way

iStock_000001883599SmallWhen you book a Cotswold Way holiday with Macs Adventure, the self-guided walking information package includes:

  • Trailblazer Cotswold Way guidebook
  • Harvey map
  • Macs Adventure information booklet
  • Adventure safe booklet
  • Luggage labels (to ensure your luggage finds its way to your accommodation, too!).

Other guides for the Cotswold Way

Rolling LandscapeIt is unlikely that you will need more than the Trailblazer guidebook and Harveys map, as well as the signposting, but you might fancy reading up on the National Trail before you set off. Here we suggest some other books and guides.

  • The Cotswold Way: An Archaeological Walking Guide
  • The Cotswold Way (Cicerone)
  • The Cotswold Way (Reardon Publishing)

Check out the Cotswold Way website

There is further useful information on the official trail website. Look at the plan your visit page and scroll down to the bottom to see a link that allows you to download a GPX file of the whole trail to a smartphone or GPS device.

There is also a distance calculator that you might find useful.

For self-guided walking assurance

Macs Adventure can’t be there to hold you hand for the entire route but we offer as much information and guiding as possible before you set off to walk the Cotswold Way. Most people who walk this route report that signposting is excellent. And with the back up of maps, GPX guides and the Cotswold Way book we think most people of average walking experience will be just fine. Do call us to chat through and of your worries, though.


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