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How to cycle through the winter
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20 November 2014
How to cycle through the winter
It’s tempting when winter comes, with all its wet, wind and snow, to hang up your bike and stop cycling until the spring. But that can mean a loss of cycling fitness – and the need to find other sports to love. Instead, why not keep on cycling through the winter (with a few helpful tips)?

Winter cycling tips

Change bikes

Leave the summer road racer in the garage and ride a winter-compatible bike. There are many to choose from including: Cyclocross bikes: Similar to a racer but with winter-fit components, such as chunkier and grippy tyres and disc brakes. You can ride through mud, on trails and wet, pot-holed winter roads on a cyclocross bike. Mountain bike: Maintain your cycling fitness but ride off-road on a mountain bike. MTBs are perfect for the wet and muddy trails of winter. [caption id="attachment_13000" align="aligncenter" width="500"]On One "Fatty" Fat Bike. On One "Fatty" Fat Bike.[/caption]   Fat bikes: A fast rising trend, fat bikes look like mountain bikes but with much, much fatter tyres. Some bikes have up to 5-inch tyres. The tyres make it possible to ride through a lot of mud, on snow and on beaches. This is a great way to extend your cycling through the autumn and winter seasons.

Wear the right kit

Make the most of non-rainy days in winter. There are plenty of blue-sky days although it will also be cold so you need to be prepared for the conditions. [caption id="attachment_13003" align="aligncenter" width="350"]dhb bib tights for winter warmth. dhb bib tights for winter warmth.[/caption]   Bib tights, such as Gore Bike Wear Element Windstopper Soft Shell Bibtights or dhb Women's Vaeon Roubaix Padded Bib Tights are made with thermal fabrics and keep your back area much warmer thanks to the high waist and bib straps. Look for tights with foot stirrups for extra warmth. [caption id="attachment_13001" align="aligncenter" width="350"]dhb dhb Momentum Roubaix jersey[/caption]   Put on a couple of thinner base layers and then top with a windproof outer cycling jersey. Again, Gore and dhb sell wonderfully warm and comfortable winter cycling jerseys. I like at £52.24 and dhb Momentum Roubaix Jersey and Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Thermal lady jersey. Choose brighter colours so you are more visible to other road users on dull winter days. Add cycling gloves or mitts, a beanie underneath your cycling helmet and a neck buff. [caption id="attachment_13004" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Louis Garenau MTB cycle boots. Louis Garenau MTB cycle boots.[/caption]   Neoprene covers for your bike shoes help to keep feet warm. For maximum warmth buy mountain bike “boots”. Boots, such as Louis Garneau 0 Degree LS-100 Shoes, are fully waterproof and extra warm. They are aimed at mountain bikers but road riders are increasingly seeing the attraction for warmer feet.

Spin or turbo

Most gyms offer a range of spin fit classes or you can put your ordinary bike on a turbo trainer and ride indoors. If you find turbo training boring, and many people do, get together with turbo training friends for extra motivation or follow a turbo specific training session such as those created by Sufferfest. [caption id="attachment_13008" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Blue sky holidays: How about cycling in New England next year? Blue sky holidays: How about cycling in New England next year?[/caption]

Plan ahead

Stay motivated for cycling by scheduling in a few winter and spring cycling events and sportives. If you pay for your place you are more likely to keep up the cycling training. And how about booking a bike holiday tour for next year? Get together with like-minded riders and choose a cycle tour trip to suit your aspirations – and desire for warmer weather cycling.

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