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How to dry clothing during a cycle tour
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23 July 2013
How to dry clothing during a cycle tour

Travelling by bike and panniers is an amazing way to holiday, but it does require some practical know-how. One of the key tips for an enjoyable trip is to keep kit to a minimum so you do not have to ride a heavily-laden bike. This means that you will need to wash and dry clothing while away. But without access to a washer drier machine, you will be washing clothes in a bathroom sink or shower and then hanging them up to dry outside your tent, on a patio or in your hotel room. To achieve the best outcome – that is, dry clothing for the morning – I suggest a quick and efficient towel clothes drying tip. This video shows you how to wring out the clothes after washing and rinsing.

Video of towel clothes drying tip

Top tip 2 for clothes drying on a cycle tour

Remember, too, that if you leave the clothing outside over night to dry it may end up being soaked by an early morning dew. The best system is to dry the clothing for the evening outside and then bring into your room to hang up overnight.


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