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How to keep phones and stuff dry in the outdoors
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09 May 2013
How to keep phones and stuff dry in the outdoors
In an ideal world, no-one would be rained on while walking, cycling or enjoying the outdoors. In reality, rain falls and this means walkers and cyclists need to find a way to keep their kit dry. With an increasing number of precious mobile phones, iPads and other gadgets being stuffed into rucksacks and pockets, keeping things watertight is vital.

Top waterproof cases and bags

Silva Carry Dry Bags come in four sizes from 6l to 36l. The smaller bags are ideal for bits and pieces, while the larger bag can take a sleeping bag. The bags have a roll top closure and are very lightweight. The colour range is fab, too. I can vouch for the waterproofing as I used a Carry Dry Bag on a very rainy mountain walk and it kept my iPhone cosy and very dry. Priced £11.99 to £19. More details from Silva small_phone_case_ob1008a_iphone5OverBoard’s waterproof cases are made from durable TPU and feature a “class five” waterproof rating, which means they can be submerged in up to 19ft of water and will float to the surface if dropped. So a little bit of rain isn’t going to challenge them! The Overboard range includes a Waterproof Camera Case, £17.49, OverBoard iPad/iPad mini Case, £37.49/£29.99 and Waterproof iPhone 5 Case, £17.49. I have dared to float my iPad in an Overboard case in the bath. it survived very well indeed! See Overboard 658_kindle_frontAquapac are also renowned for their waterproof cases. We like their Stormproof map case priced at £15 and Medium Whanganui case for Kindle and other smaller platforms. Price £20. 20010-Light_Dry-Micro-First-Aid-KitLifesystems do a Light & Dry Micro first aid kit designed specifically to be small and light enough to carry at all times and includes items needed to treat most common outdoor injuries. See LifeSystems [caption id="attachment_7294" align="alignleft" width="180"]Otterbox Armour Otterbox Armour[/caption] The ideal way to keep your iphone dry at all times is an OtterBox. The top of the range Armour case tolerates submersion underwater up to 6.6 ft. for 30 minutes, withstands a 10ft drop to concrete and even sustains two tons of crushing force, among other death defying acts. See Otterbox

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