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How to see more – and walk a little less on holiday
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08 January 2014
How to see more – and walk a little less on holiday
Demand for “drive & hike” trips is on the up. And it’s easy to see why. You like the idea of a walking holiday but you’re worried that a) You won’t be fit enough to walk every day, b) You won’t see much of the country, c) Your partner will see the word “walking” and cancel the trip. D) Your family won’t be thrilled by a holiday that requires something active. So why not check out a drive & hike holiday?

Benefits of a drive & hike trip

Freedom: You can travel to the places you would most like to see each day and then enjoy a walk to visit the attraction. Or you might decide that you won’t walk at all that day and simply drive to a new place. It’s up to you. The flexibility to walk as little or as much as you fancy is something that is increasingly appealing to holidaymakers. See more: While some people love the pace of a walking-only holiday, others are keen to see more over longer distances. Having the option to travel by car takes you to a wider range of places and over a larger distance. Perfect for families: Children do not always want to do what their parents want. They might be happy to embark on a few walks over a week’s holiday but if you ask them to walk every day you will have moany off-spring to drag around. Keep the whole family happy with a holiday that includes some walking and some other form of transport. No need to be weighed down: When people think about walking they also imagine heavy rucksacks or a holiday without all the luxuries. But when you have a car on holiday you can pack all that you want and you don’t need to personally carry it. The joy of a drive & hike trip is that when you head out for a walk you only need to carry a small rucksack with basic clothing, food and water instead of being laden down by a large for-the-length-of-the-holiday pack. See the country close up: There is no doubt that when walking you discover a country’s landscapes and cultures in an up-close-and-personal way. Many people miss this experience on holiday because they simply drive to a place, see it and drive off. But if you take the time to walk while on holiday, you are more likely to really get to know a country or region. A drive & hike holiday offers the opportunity to see many new places but also to see them for real.

Five top drive & hike holidays

Iceland South Coast Drive & Hike Moorish Andalucía Dive & Hike Scottish Highlands and Island Discovery Drive & Hike Best of the Canadian Rockies Drive & Hike National Parks of the American West Drive & Hike
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