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International Beer Day
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05 August 2016
International Beer Day
In honor of International Beer Day today we here at Macs Bike have asked around the office for people's favorite beer and where it comes from. [caption id="attachment_19288" align="aligncenter" width="601"]Get to the pub after work and have yourself a beer poured. Get to the pub after work and have yourself a beer poured.[/caption] First up, with a beautiful background is Dan. Dan's favorite beer is Tusker Lager from Kenya. For him it is not only the taste, but the sentiment. While camping for 3 months in Nakuru National Park he would spend the evenings watching the African new moon set, and sit by a campfire with the lady who would become his wife, and toast the splendor of that wonderful country. Next is Maike from our German office who, being loyal to the local brew as most are in Germany, puts forth Karlsberg UrPils. A dry bitter beer from the Saarland area of Germany, a wonderful place for hiking, walking, and cycling. Pils, or Pilsner, beers are blonde beers that derive their name from Pilsen, a Czech city in the Bohemia region where they originated in 1842. The area was then part of the German speaking Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the German name and love for the style stuck. Pils style beer is now arguably the most successful style of beer the world over. [caption id="attachment_19287" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The style that's taking over the world. The style that's taking over the world.[/caption] Now for Gus's favorite brew. A Glasgow local, he champions the local craft beer Brewdog, born not to far from our offices. Brewdog is responsible for launching the craft beer phenomenon into everyday life in Scotland. He appreciates how, despite rapid international growth (currently launching in the US), they have maintained their craft beer, locally brewed, anti-establishment feel that washes down with a fresh spiky taste. Our fourth beer comes from Berta. She is a big fan of Belgian beer, but her favorite is Estrella Galicia from the Galicia region of Spain. From humble beginnings in 1906, Hijos de Rivera, the trading name of the now global business corporation, has a diverse portfolio spanning from development of hotel properties to activity in the wine sector. Truly a lager that any Galician who likes beer is proud and keen to recommend. And last but not least is a top contender from Elyanne. Picking a craft ale as her favorite brew, we give you La Trappe, hailing from the Netherlands. This is an ale that is brewed by monks in a Trappist monastery. Being selfless individuals and true to their vows they go about their craft with strong CSR views. They use local ingredients, work with those with difficulties in the community, use green and sustainable practices in production, and donates a portion of their profits to charity. With 9 different ales (the strongest being 11%!), these monks are serious about their ale and sharing it with the world. [caption id="attachment_19286" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Cheers to the weekend! Cheers to the weekend![/caption] Now you're probably asking yourself what does this have to do with Macs Bike? Well we like our beer, so much so that we even have trips dedicated to it! Check out some of our tours in the regions/countries mentioned above so you can taste these specials brews for yourself. Maybe the Bicycle Beer Trail of Bavaria, Scotland's Lochs & Glens, Biking to Barcelona or the Heart of Holland tour. We also have walking tours in the areas so be sure to browse Macs Adventure trips!
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Emily Conner
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