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International Women&'s Day 2019: Our Greatest Travel Achievements
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07 March 2019
International Women&'s Day 2019: Our Greatest Travel Achievements



Have you ever thought of travelling alone but there's something holding you back? Solo female travel is on the rise and we are delighted. As much as we love travelling with loved ones getting out there on your own is a completely different experience. Today we are celebrating our adventurous female explorers at Macs Adventure. We hope their greatest travel achievements provide a little inspiration to your day!


Steph McAdams


"My sabbatical year out in Chile"


"Overcoming obstacles like language barriers, homesickness, adapting to customs and traditions, losing my passport, leaving camping gear on a public runaway bus, not to mention completing some epic hiking in Torres del Paine & Patagonia whilst learning from some major mistakes was the catalyst to a successful career in the outdoors. I worked as an overseas Youth Expedition Leader inspiring many people to embark on adventure travel to exciting destinations"


Steph McAdams, Sales Specialist


Rachel Lawrie


"When I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc"


"My greatest travel achievement was when I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc last summer. I hadn't hiked on alpine terrain for many years so it was definitely challenging at times, but I can't stress enough how rewarding the views were as I climbed. I quite often find myself looking back on my experience with a smile, thinking, "I can't believe I did that".


Rachel Lawrie, Marketing Exec


Susan Byres


"Moving to Canada to work for a season"


"I had visited Banff the year before for a grand total of 4 days, but fell in love with it and was determined I was going back. Fast forward less than a year, I had applied for my work Visa and booked a flight to Calgary. I had no job lined up, no friends or even acquaintances there, and nowhere to live. At the time, I didn’t really think anything of it – though I could tell my family all thought I didn’t have enough planned out – and looking back, it is probably the most spontaneous thing I have ever done! But it all worked out! I had the time of my life – an amazing 3 months in Canada, met wonderful people, and got some great stories and memories out of it".


Susan Byres, Operations Specialist


Heleen Bosch


"When I sat through a 22+ hour bus journey in Argentina"


"One of my greatest travel achievements was when I sat through a 22+ hour bus journey from Córdoba, Argentina (where I lived at the time) to the Iguazu Falls in the far northeast of the country. I still have no clue how I stayed sane through those many hours crammed in a crowded bus but I do know that it was more than worth it when we got there. Experiencing the waterfalls on both the Argentinian and Brazilian side of the border is still the greatest thing I have ever done. I would do it again tomorrow".


Heleen Bosch, Product Executive


Samantha Tod


"When I cycled the Scottish Islands last summer"


"My biggest travel achievement was when I cycled the Macs Adventure Scottish Island Hopscotch trip last summer. This was the first cycling trip I’d ever done and I found it quite challenging at times but when I look back at at how much distance I managed to cover on a bike (and also enjoy at the same time!) it makes me feel super proud of myself. Island hopping around some of Scotland’s finest islands was an incredible experience and I’m now always on a bike!"


Samantha Tod, Operations Specialist




Do you have a dream trip in mind, or a solo travel adventure? No matter how big or small it is we would be delighted to help just drop us an email and one of our destination specialists will be in touch.



Sinead Cunningham

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Sinead Cunningham
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