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Italy or France?
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08 March 2017
Italy or France?

Over the course of the 6 Nations, considered by many to be rugby's greatest championship, we will be comparing some of our favourite walking and cycling tours located in the competing nations: Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France & Italy.

Italy v France


Italy: The Cinque Terre

Walk between stunning locations, swim in the azure blue waters or simply relax on a golden beach or bustling cafe in villages in or around the Cinque Terre.

Bonassola along the Cinque Terre.


Lemons grow above the town of Monterosso.

Lemons grow above the town of Monterosso.

Having spent time in Monterosso you will take the train to the other four villages that make up the Cinque Terre, making the most of your 24-hr Cinque Terre rail pass by visiting Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Romaggiore. If you like the prospect of exceptionally good Italian food and wine, salty fresh air, relaxing accommodations and spectacular coastal and mountain scenery, dotted with picturesque and colourful villages, then this is the short break for you!

France: Corsica - Mountain Trails to the Sea

Piana in Corsica.

Typical Piana views.

The French Mediterranean island of Corsica has an incredibly untamed and magnificent mountainous interior. The Mountain Trails to the Sea walking tour explores Corsica's rugged scenery on a journey from Corte, in the middle of the island to Ajaccio on the west coast. The first day of walking starts in the Scala Santa Regina Gorge, on cliffs high above the Golo River which has carved a deep path through the red granite rock. After following a mule path along the gorge this day's walking finishes near Calacuccia Lake - a stunning start to what is an exhilarating walking tour.

Sea views along the Mare e Mare Nord trail, Corsica

Sea views along the Mare e Mare Nord trail, Corsica

Some of the notable sites on the Corsica Mountain Trails to the Sea walking tour include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Calanches de Piana, the Aitone River & Natural Pools and the end point of the tour Ajaccio - Napoleon's birthplace is a vibrant city with plenty of museums for those interested in learning more about Corsica's violent history.

Checking the map on the Corsica: Mountains to the Sea

Checking the map on the Corsica: Mountains to the Sea

This self-guided tour is graded as moderate and will suit those who like to walk through contrasting scenery; mountains, river gorges, cliffs, coastlines, lakes and natural pools.

For more information on our range of walking and cycling tours in Italy or France or if you have a specific question about the Cinque Terre or Corsica, contact a member of our team on info@macsadventure.com. To receive travel tips and advice straight to you inbox, sign up for our adventure travel newsletter!

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