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Kinga shares all the inspiration you need for a Scandinavian adventure
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22 November 2017
Kinga shares all the inspiration you need for a Scandinavian adventure

Originally from Hungary, I was lucky enough to live in Denmark, Sweden and Norway for a total of 4 years, where my passion and love for Scandinavia developed! During my time there, I visited many destinations, but due to the vast size of these countries there is still so much for me to discover. Although Norway, Sweden and Denmark are often referred to as ‘Scandinavia’ under one umbrella, each one has its different characteristics and offers unique experiences. Currently I live in Glasgow and I share my life with a Swedish man, so I guess Scandinavia will always be in my heart. Plus, as a Macs Adventure destination specialist I'm incredibly lucky to be able to enthuse about my favourite destinations all day at work!


Standing on the iconic Kjeragbolten, suspended above the void, is one for the brave!

I have curated some of my favourite trips for inspiration here, and also shared a few hints and tips to help you make the most of your Scandinavian trip.

Norway | Stavanger to Bergen: Drive & Hike

My first trip suggestion includes all the ‘bucket-list’ hikes in Norway, Preikestolen, Kjerag and Trolltunga. Although some of these hikes are demanding your efforts will certainly not go unrewarded, the hard climbs offer stunning views!

On my way to Preikestolen

Due to the drive and hike aspect of this trip I felt like I was able to cover and see more of Norway’s vast territory. The remoteness of some locations give you a unique experience and you will certainly feel special discovering these places. I was stunned by the never-ending mountains and the spectacular nature day by day. I also wrote previously on the blog about some of the must-do hikes you undertake on this trip.

Preikestolen, Norway

A view of Preikestolen which will take your breath away

Norway | Walking the Sognefjord

The fjords will surely take your breath away. Even the area's reputation won't prepare you to actually experience the spectacular views and walks this trip includes.

Gorgeous villages in the Sognefjord

Gorgeous villages in the Sognefjord

During the tour you are covering nearly the full length of the so called “King of the Fjords” (Sognefjord) which is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. The charming towns and cities such as Bergen and Flam is only waiting to be discovered!


Gorgeous scenery in the Sognefjord region

My personal favourite is Flam, one of the smallest and most enchanting villages I ever visited. Do not miss out on the their local brewery if you are a fan of craft beer! Find out more about walking the Sognefjord.

Sweden | The Kungsleden

Kungsleden also called ‘King's Trail’ is a perfect choice for all who wish to discover part of the longest and most popular long-distance trail of Sweden. It is a perfect choice for experienced and keen hikers who wishes to challenge themselves with a unique journey though stunning landscape.


My hike on the Kungsleden trail in Swedish Lapland

Along the way you can truly connect with nature. We were lucky enough to pass by reindeer herd while crossing a river. What an experience! Moreover, walking beside the tallest mountain of Sweden, Kebnekaise will surely impress you. Kungsleden is certainly my personal favourite trail, and I consider it as one of the best trips of my life. I hope to walk it again one day.

Seeeing the wildlife on the Kungsleden

I was thrilled to see reindeer herds on my trek

To get a glimpse of this trip, you might want to have a peek of this video: macsadventure.com/walking-holidays/video-the-kungsleden/

Sweden | The Österlen Way

A perfect trip for first time hikers, families and people who wishes to experience the stunning coast line of South Sweden. The Österlen Way is a trip I have yet to experience, but it's high on my agenda! On the trail you will pass by a mixture of historic small towns along the Baltic Sea shores. As this region is mainly visited by locals, it does offer a unique experience along the unspoilt beauty this region has to offer.

Ale Stenar

Ale Stenar, just one of the sights on the Osterlen Way

Beside the scenery, some of Sweden’s best restaurants can be found here, with a great focus on fresh sea food. For more tips on how to make the most out of visiting this region, check out this blog : macsadventure.com/walking-holidays/glad-midsommar-6-great-things-to-do-on-swedens-osterlen-way/

My Top Tips for a Scandinavian Adventure

Finally, I'd like to share some tips for you to make the most of your Scandinavian Adventure:

1. Try the local cuisine. Sweden is famous for the meatballs (köttbullar) which is normally served with mashed potato, brown sauce and Lingonberry jam. Beside don’t miss out on the cinnamon buns (kanelbulle). Trying crispbread (Knäckebröd) is a must when visiting any of the Scandinavian countries. If travelling to Norway don’t miss the smoked salmon (Røkt Laks) and brown cheese (Brunost) with waffles!

2. Get on board with Fika culture. Fika is an afternoon coffee tradition which is often companied by some delicious pastries and cakes. It is a lovely custom to adopt and who needs a better excuse for a good coffee and some sweets? :)

3. Some basic words will help you making friends along the way. The Scandinavians greet each other with a casual ‘Hej’, cheers is Skål and Thank you is Takk/Tack. English is relatively widely spoken, but using some of these basic words will help break the ice and get to know the locals.

Walking in Kjerag

One more memory from walking Kjerag, Norway.

I hope you will be the next one to embark on one of these trips! Myself and the team are always pleased to offer advice and suggestions for Scandinavian Adventures so don’t hesitate to get in touch on info@macsadventure.com if there is anything we can do, or browse more of our Scandinavian adventures here.

Frances McCann

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Frances McCann
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