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Lake District Round Days 3 & 4

25 Apr , 2013  

Paraffin Pathfinder, Lake District Round, 10th March 2013

Day 3 & 4, Boot-Buttermere-Keswick   … on the photos for a better view


Long day today…..              “

better get going early  “


”   The sun struggles to warm Eskdale Mill in the village of Boot.

”  First operation recorded in 1294,

”    … it welcomes visitors still.



Looking back into Eskdale, the valley awakens slowly  “




The bridleway follows Wilfan Beck  beneath Eskdale Fell until the Bulatt Bridge at Burnmoor Tarn.

”  The water looks beautiful…. don’t even think of going in. Freezing!


Passing the Maiden Castle cairn, the deepest lake in England should be here abouts…  “

…but where?    “


Five hundred yards later….

”  Aha! there you are, Wast Water.

”  Yewbarrow dominates the far shore as Wasdale Head leads into the horseshoe of Mosedale.

” From the derelict stone buildings above Fence Wood, the view extends to the near peaks….. “

”             Kirk Fell…     Great Gable…     Lingmell…                 “


”     Behind the shadow of the wall and hidden by nearer slopes , lurks the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike at 3209ft



”  Lingmell Beck with a background of mountain sentinels. The river looks tranquil but when it does rage, the walker must retire to the bridge and use the tarmac road to the village.


The planned route out of Mosedale cuts the skyline at the right hand edge of the photograph…. Black Sail Pass “

Our modern world lives in a hyperbole of advertising media and headlines: stand here and listen….  all those superlatives seem superfluous.        “


”  Delicate bottle green, crystal clear and sweet, the River Liza runs into Ennerdale Water

”   … who needs refrigerated fizzy drinks?

” Yet one more climb out of a valley, the third and lowest of the day but after the previous two, the legs are too tired notice the difference…..


…. and then finally Buttermere. The lake’s very name evokes a scene of pastoral tranquility  “

The desire to stop for reflection is irresistible. “

The end of another day’s  wonderful walking.

After breakfast….whoa! What happened to the blue skies?

Low Ling Crag juts out into Crummock Water, behind Rannerdale Knotts brushes the cloud base.



Lying at the water’s edge to take the photograph, it was hard to keep a level head at the adventure in store. The top of Whiteside emerges from the mist as it stands guard to Gasgale Gill… the way through the mountains.


”      Rain turns to snow and the footing is treacherous along the path of loose shale next to Liza Beck


Winter sculptures look pretty but get too close and the unwary walker would be up to the knees in icy melt water.”


”  At around 1650 ft above sea level, sky and scenery merge into one at Coledale Hause


The way down and the road to Keswick.
Time for lunch… Waiter! The table with the best view in town, please.”

Two more days to go, come back later and read about beautiful Grisedale Tarn”



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