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Light on Their Feet: Illuminating Hadrian&'s Wall

A spectacular line of beacons will light up Hadrian's Wall this weekend thanks to 1,000 volunteers willing to brave what could be a chilly night in the North of England. This is one of the most exciting things we have seen since Macs Adventure started walking holidays along Hadrian's Wall Path and I really wish I could be there. The idea behind Illuminating Hadrian's Wall is to highlight the scale and beauty of the wall and the stunning landscape it passes through as well as featuring the diverse cities which have Hadrian's Wall at their heart. According to the BBC something like 500 points of lights - gas flares or beacons - will be placed at 250m intervals along its length. It is going to be a fantastic event and I think it's great to see the community - many of whom depend on the tourism generated by the wall - get so involved and passionate about the event. If you see the light - or at least want to enjoy one of the UK's best long distance walks -  there is no better way to experience Hadrian's Wall than on foot, walking Coast to Coast on Hadrian's Wall Path.
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