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Feedback Favourites: Live Inside History & Headline-worthy Archaeology
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01 August 2013
Feedback Favourites: Live Inside History & Headline-worthy Archaeology
July has been a busy time for us here at Macs Adventure as we are welcoming travelers to their walking and cycling holidays across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.  We have been so lucky, especially here in the UK, with amazing weather.  Yes, that is right, amazing weather in the UK!  We aim to provide our guests with the latest reviews from our adventures to ensure you have access to advice and comments from like-minded travelers.  We have to admit, we love reading all of the positive feedback! And if there are critiques - hey, we are okay with that too.  All feedback helps us to work hard to ensure your tailor-made holiday is a great experience - one you will always remember. "Five-Star-Plus Accommodations!" Jasper, from Madeley, Cheshire was absolutely thrilled with the welcome they received on their Four Abbeys Cycleway Holiday.  "The Welcome we received each eFEEDBACK Four Abbeys Cyclewayvening was so warm and sincere.  Nothing was too much trouble; each B&B ended each day perfectly.   What wonderful people there are providing this service." We're thrilled Jasper enjoyed this tour; passing castles, towers, country houses and gardens certainly provides an eye-popping backdrop.  The Borders region offers an abundance of delicious, local produce.  With all that cycling, you can treat yourself (guilt-free!) to the local goodies as you pass the tea rooms, farmers markets, and historic towns on quiet roads through the pastoral valleys and wooded hillsides.   "Wonderful Archaeology Makes the Headline!" Londoners, Martin and Rachel would recommend Orkney Walking and Wildlife to a friend.  "Orkney is a beautiful place and this holiday pr662-ld-Man-of-Hoyovided varried scenery and experiences packed in to a few days.  The walking was gentle.  The wildlife was mainly birds, sheep and cows.  There was also wonderful archaeology and this should be identified in the headline.  Each day's walking was gentle enough to arrange it around the best of the weather." Orkney is the ultimate island adventure! Ready to welcome the intrepid walker with hiker, through a rugged mix of heather clad moorland, imposing headlands, rocky skerries and fjord like bays. Solitude reigns throughout these windswept isles where you may drive and hike back through time to discover an historical melting pot of stone age, Viking, Nordic and Scottish influence. "Macs was with us All the Way!" We were thrilled Rob Trafford from Connecticut, USA, had a brilliant time walking Hadrian's Wall.  From the spectacular scenery, a tough-senior challenge to a bucket-list-trip, he plans to use Macs 662.Hadrian's-Wall-CountryAdventure to organise his holidays again in the near future. "We felt like Macs was with us all the way, from the first look at the website, through the plan making and on the path.  All the details sent to us gave us confidence to move forward with our plans.  The details were pertinent to the real walking we did over 7 days as well as to travel overseas to our destination.  We plan to use Macs again in the near future." By immersing yourself in history with a walking holiday on Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail, you will be constantly amazed by the ingenuity and determination of the Romans in their quest to control this far flung corner of their vast empire. This is a fascinating and rewarding walk from coast to coast alongside one of Britain’s Iconic landmarks. Have you been on a Macs Adventure?  We want to hear from you!  You can enter our Best Bits competition for a chance to win £5000 of Trip Credit, or join the conversation and view adventure inspiration on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Share your photos, videos, tips and tricks! We look forward to hearing from you. The Macs Adventure Team
Sarah Gillis

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