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Macs Adventure Top 10 Walking and Cycling Tours of 2018

28 Dec , 2018  

The Macs Adventure tour list expands at a high rate every year as our products team work their socks off to find the most outstanding walking and cycling regions in the world. Not just find them, but then craft them into a delightful trip, full of backup, to ensure you have a hassle-free adventure every time. While our offering expands, there will always be those stalwart favourites, which people keep coming back to.

When you are thinking about which adventure to partake in this year, you could do a lot worse than checking out the top 10 and taking it from there.  So without further delay, here are the shining stars of 2018.

1 – The West Highland Way

This monster of a trip has been number one in the charts since Macs Adventure came into existence and for good reason.  It is the greatest walking trip in the UK, combining stunning scenery which evolves as the journey progresses, excellent accommodation, friendly people, lovely food & drink. As you walk into the highlands, the ground rises up around you, forming some of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole country.  For more information, download our free West Highland Way guide, or check the West Highland Way on our website.

2 – Camino de Santiago

Pilgrims celebrate at the end of the Camino de Santiago

Pilgrims celebrate at the end of the Camino de Santiago

For anyone looking for a more spiritual experience, the Camino de Santiago is our most popular pilgrimage. Taking over a month to cross the north of Spain, the path crosses high mountain paths, meanders through vast plains and takes to you some of the most enchanting villages, towns and cities in Spain. However, the camaraderie on the trip is the most unique thing about it. Coming together with walkers from around the world, united in the desire to get to Santiago, discovering each other’s reasons for taking the trip.  This is where the magic of the Camino lies.  For more information, download our free Camino de Santiago Guide or check out the Camino pages on our website.

3 – Tour du Mont Blanc

Hikers take in the view on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Taking in the views on the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is France’s most popular hiking experience and one that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Walking through 3 countries, around the Mont Blanc Massif makes for mightily impressive Alpine views. There is the opportunity to stay in Alpine mountain huts and join in the celebration as everyone discusses their days on the trail, watching the sunset with a cold drink. The scenery is joyous and will forever imprint itself on your memory.  For more information, check our website or sign up for one of our Tour du Mont Blanc Webinars.

4 – The Cotswolds

Walking in the Cotswolds is the highest climber on the chart this year. Taking one of our many adventures in the Cotswolds is a walk through quintessential England. It is the England of stereotype, honey-coloured villages, still built and maintained in traditional ways. Cream teas and rolling green countryside. The rise in popularity of the Cotswolds is not only down to the remarkable history and scenery but the warm welcome of its people. While in the past, the paths have been tricky to follow, the new Macs App, means that you will be able to walk the routes without your head in a map.

5 – Hadrian’s Wall

Two hikers under a sign on the Hadrian's Wall Path

Hadrian’s Wall Path is a wonderful jaunt across England

Hadrian’s Wall Path takes you along the parts of the historic wall that once divided Scotland and England it’s still a firm favourite with Macs Adventure customers. Hadrian’s Wall Path takes you from Coast to Coast across northern England following the wall, which is Europe‚Äôs largest surviving Roman monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will encounter some of England’s wildest and most beautiful scenery as well as taking time to visit the rich history of the area.

6 – Amalfi Coastal Trails

The Amafi Coast  a UNESCO world heritage site has drawn visitors to its stunning coastline since Victorian times, and its just as popular today. On our 7 night itinerary you explore Amalfi, Ravello and Positano – not forgetting a day trip to the Isle of Capri and if you wish the Pompeii ruins.  It’s a beautiful balance of exploring the popular sights whilst getting away from it all by following trails through lemon groves and terraced vineyards.

7 – South West Coast Path

HIker on the South West Coast Path

Clifftop walking on the South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is the longest trip in the UK that we offer. It takes 6-weeks to walk the entire coastal path around the south-west of England, but handily we have split it up into week long sections, to make it more manageable. The trip varies in its scenery, going from sheer drama to pristine, peaceful beaches and idyllic fishing villages. Each section of the trip has its own highlights, but each of them has a little sprinkling of everything, so you are never disappointed in which section you walk.

8 – Isle of Skye

The popularity of the Isle of Skye has Skye-rocketed (I know! it was just too hard to resist). We have been selling walking trips on this rugged, chaotic isle for ten years and it has remained a well-kept secret until now. With so many features of natural beauty, Skye is a walkers dream. In fact, some of the landscapes are so bizarre, it occasionally feels like an actual dream.  With the brooding Cullins looming over the centre of the isle, the stunning Loch Coruisk and of course the otherworldly Quiraing and Old Man of Storr, walking in Skye will definitely delight.  See our range of Isle of Skye walking trips on our website to learn more.

9 – Danube Cycling

cyclist taking a break in Durnstein, Austria

Taking a break in Durnstein, Austria

Europe’s premiere cycling route follows the Danube River from Vienna to Budapest and all points in between.  You can do this at your leisure, over a couple of sections, or take in the very best of it on a bike and boat trip instead. The cycling on the Danube River Path is relatively easy and always on dedicated cycle paths, showcasing some of the most interesting and historical towns and cities in Europe. On a Bike and Boat version of the trip, you stay onboard your floating hotel, cycling during the day and enjoying the scenery with a glass of wine in the evening as the scenery slips by and you cruise to your next destination.

10 – Great Glen Way

Hikers Enjoy the stunning scenery on the Great Glen Way

Enjoy the stunning scenery on the Great Glen Way

Despite many new trips trying to claw their way into the top ten, the Great Glen Way holds fast. This was the second trip that Macs Adventure ever operated and like the West Highland Way, we have made it our own.  We know every footstep, every B&B owner, every pub along the way and we will ensure you enjoy every second of your trip. Walking along the Highland fault line past three of the most dramatic lochs in Scotland, switching between placid canal paths and rugged mountain paths, the Great Glen Way explores some of the best scenery in Scotland.

If you would like any more information on any of these trips, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists at [email protected] and they will be more than happy to help.

This is an updated blog post 28/12/2019

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