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Macs Adventure&'s 7 Best Whiskies
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14 May 2015
Macs Adventure&'s 7 Best Whiskies
In light of World Whisky Day, we asked our lovely staff for their favourite drams and why.  Hopefully there are a few in here that you have never encountered before and will entice you in.

Nikki - Product Manager

Glengoyne for me – the 18 year old single malt if I’m feeling flush! It’s my local distillery – I pass it every day on my journey into work from the Trossachs, and it’s a great pit stop for a tour and tasting on the first day’s walking on the West Highland Way

Andy - Cycling D&A Specialist

I really enjoy my local whisky Auchentoshan, it was a good pal to me while I was on my travels. The honey colour, smooth zesty taste with that delicate hint of ginger was always a great reminder of Home.

shutterstock_72390655Lewis - Europe D&A Specialist

My favourite dram is Highland Park. Distilled in the most northerly distillery in Scotland, Highland Park is a 12 year old single malt from Orkney. I associate  Highland Park with my father, who as a whisky connoisseur, classed Highland Park as his favourite. As one of his favourites he had many bottles of varying ages and I have been lucky enough to try the 18 year old (by far the best whisky I have ever tasted) and a 25 year old that I received on my 30th birthday from my old man. Although with the 25 year old priced at £15 a nip in most of Glasgow’s whisky bars, the older range really is for special occasions. I love the oaky, sweet and heather honey textures, and it’s beautiful colour when held to a light.

Fran - Marketing Manager

I’ll go for Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old (Dufftown, Speyside). I’m not a fan of a smokey or peaty whisky so I steer clear of Islands, and this one suits my “soft” palette! Quite a fruity aroma, a bit spicy, and easy to drink. I just like a tiny bit of water in my single malt to soften it up a bit.

whisky barrels scotland

Dan - Destination Manager (UK)

Laphroaig:Rolling this warm peaty elixir around my mouth takes me back to adventures on Islay. Each sip conjures up images of Summer evening walks along a calm shoreline, listening to the ‘crex’ calls of corncrake and watching the rolling of dolphins in Loch Indaal.

Erin - Europe D&A Specialist

I used to work in a distillery and have developed a deep love for whisky.  My fav is Bowmore (15 yr) – from Isaly so it’s smokey but is only a medium peated whisky so nothing like Lagavulin.  It’s matured predominantly in sherry casks so it’s very dark but has a sweet, nutty taste taste.  It smells like smokey bacon crisps and is pure yummy!

Ewan - Marketing Executive

I was brought up on Islay whisky, the real tough stuff, so while I love whisky from other areas, they just don't stand up.  To me Lagavulin is the smoothest of all of Islays, but so deep and complex that you can mull over it every time you drink it.  I have been lucky in my whisky life to have drank diverse whiskies, like cask strength GlenFarclas, smuggled out of the distillery in hot water bottles stuffed down the workers trousers and the sublime Black Art and while all were amazing, nothing is as comforting and immersive as a wee Lagavulin 16. Visit our website for some whisky and walking inspiration, aka "drambling". The perfect pick-me-up for a brisk day's walking in Scotland!

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