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Written by
George Hudson
George Hudson

#MacsMoment 2016 - The Story So Far

Without having met all of our customers, we know that all of us share something in common with all of you: a love of the outdoors. We understand the emotions that the outdoors peak - this is why, when it comes to putting a trip together much of the value comes from constantly reminding ourselves that, rather than curating holidays we are providing experiences. Our monthly photo competition #MacsMoment is gaining in popularity as more and more customers choose to give us a glimpse into their experiences. This year has seen an increasing number of photos that showcase a mix of excellent photography, beautiful scenery, and a fair bit of humour - thank you! Below are a collection of staff favourites, submitted over the course of the past 5 months. [gallery ids="20017,20004,20013,20012,20008,20005,20011,20010,20006,20007,20014,20015,20016,20019,20034"]   For further information about our #MacsMoment competition see our website.  
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