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My five best things about Bavaria
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16 April 2014
My five best things about Bavaria
Keith-king-ludwigI walked the King Ludwig Way through Bavaria in 2014. Walking in Bavaria inspired this list if the 5 best things about the region:

The people

When I walked the King Ludwig Way and stopped to consult my map somebody would always come up and ask if I needed help. Even when they realised I was English they would do their best to talk to me in the English they had.


I never felt threatened or insecure while I was walking even though you meet people in some sparsely populated places. There were a number of single women walking the King Ludwig Way or Saint Jacobs way which follows the same route for several days.

beer-wheatThe beer!

Bavarians say that normal beer is a depressant but Bavarian wheat beer is a stimulant. I wasn't convinced so I had to test out the theory for myself. It took quite a bit of research and I am still investigating.

The food.

There are some local foods that you have to try - the white sausage, pork schnitzel, cheese, apple strudel are all required eating. The pike-perch from the lakes is also worth trying, but if it is fried eat the skin as well.

And finally, the castles.

King Ludwig Way 087The view of Neuschwanstein from the marine bridge is the best vantage point for some great photos. This is the archetypal fairy tale castle and the model for the castle at the start of Disney films.
Keith Allsop

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Keith Allsop
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