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My Top 5 Dordogne Delights for the Tastebuds
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26 October 2015
My Top 5 Dordogne Delights for the Tastebuds

To put you in the picture, I am the Finance Manager at Macs Adventure, and I am usually sitting behind a desk, up to my ears in figures and all things accounting. However, last month I was lucky enough to get out of the office and accompany one of our Product Managers, Sally, to discover the foodie haven that is Dordogne! I absolutely love France and all things French. I don't know why in particular, but there is just something about the language, the people, and the accent that I find particularly appealing - but above everything, I love the food and wine the best. So what culinary delights are there to behold in the Dordogne? Here are my top 5.


Plain croissants, pain au chocolat and pain au raisin. Buttery and lovely and washed down with a café au lait - c'est fantastique. A great way to start the day.


Honestly, the baguettes in France are the best bread in the world (in my humble opinion). Most days, Sally and I went to a deli in the village, and they made up a baguette with tuna, tomato, salad (their reference to "salade" means lettuce) or ham. We even contemplated taking some baguettes home, but we refrained as we would be over our luggage allowance!

Salade Niçoise

Sally and I shared a salad and pizza in Sarlat - the salade Nicoise was so fresh and full of tuna, boiled eggs, anchovies and olives. But in general, all salads, a speciality salad of the area is walnut, come with a fabulous dressing which makes them all the more delicious. Très bonne!

Tarte aux Pommes

For me, this was the most amazing dessert I have had in a long time. We were fortunate to find a lovely restaurant called L'Ancre D'or (the Gold Anchor) in La Roque Gageac. The choice of pudding was crème caramel or tarte aux pommes. We chose the Tarte, and we were not disappointed. It came with ice cream and was delicious - so much so we had the same desert the next day.

Rose Wine

What better thing to wash down a lovely meal? I was particularly fond of the local wine made in the Bergerac region. Not too sweet, but not too tart. A half carafe of a house rose worked out at about £4.50 – a bargain.


All in all, this area of France is gorgeous – the views, the people, peace and quiet and of course the food! 

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Selina Snooks

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Selina Snooks
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