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Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeals
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27 April 2015
Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeals
We are deeply shocked and saddened by the worsening updates on conditions following the devastating earthquake in Nepal on Saturday April 25th, which has affected Kathmandu, Pokhara, and many remote mountain regions including Everest Base Camp. Update 12 May 2015: Another major earthquake has affected the area. If you'd like donate to the emergency appeals, you can do so through these channels, amongst others: Oxfam https://donate.oxfam.org.uk/emergency/nepal Unicef http://www.unicef.org.uk/landing-pages/Donate-Nepal-Earthquake/ Red Cross http://www.redcross.org.uk/en/About-us/News/2015/April/Donate-to-the-Nepal-Earthquake-Appeal Shiva Shiva is a charity dedicated to building and supporting Schools in Nepal. They are now urgently trying to assist the village of Rabi, where 300 families have been made homeless. http://shivacharity.com/ Or this article in the UK's Independent newspaper has some detailed information on how to help. DEC (Disasters Emergency Committe): http://www.dec.org.uk/appeals/nepal-earthquake-appeal Communications have been severely affected, and it has been difficult for those outside Nepal to contact friends and family travelling in the country. Facebook's "Safety Check" feature may help to reassure you if you have friends travelling. No Macs Adventure clients were in Nepal at the time of the earthquake, and we have take steps to contact clients with future bookings, and our local agents in Nepal. If any of our future or past clients have concerns, please call Laura Paterson on (+44) 0141 530 8886 or contact info@macsadventure.com. Our thoughts are with all those involved with this tragedy.
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