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Officially a “Best Company”! Best Companies Award 2018

9 Feb , 2018  

Macs Adventure has been given a 1* accreditation by workplace engagement specialist body Best Companies, placing it as one of the best places to work in the UK!

Few companies achieve accreditation in their first year of entering the national survey, so we’re thrilled with the results, which bench-marked Macs Adventure across 8 key areas; leadership, management, company, fair deal, give something back, teamwork, personal growth and well-being. The very top companies measured by Best Companies are published in the Sunday Times Lists each year.

Macs Adventure office.

Working hard to get it right.

Based at Skypark, Glasgow, our office has a huge shared cooking area, creative bike storage area, breakout yoga sessions, and a “Culture Club” responsible for bringing the workforce together socially & assisting with extra-curricular personal development. We encourage a strong sense of bringing your “true self” to work, and it’s hardly surprising that Macs Adventure attracts a multi-cultural workforce who speak 12 languages and hail from 10 different countries, working together to deliver great adventure holiday experiences.

Room for collaboration

Our office has plenty of collaborative spaces.

Macs Adventure scored exceptional high in terms of leadership and teamwork. Our company values are “be adventurous, stay active, it’s personal, have fun, and give a sh*t”, and we’re in no doubt that this combination of values has driven exceptionally high scoring on aspects such as a sense of pride felt by employees, and a strong ethos of trust around the customer experience.

One of our company values – have fun!

What next?

Well, with a recently opened office in Boulder, Colorado with the same ethos and approach, and a subsidiary in Germany, we hope to continue to grow internationally whilst retaining our core values and further improving our employee engagement.

Macs Adventure team on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Our team taking on the Tour du Mont Blanc, one of our most popular adventure experiences.

We have gained useful insights from the results of our accreditation, which will help us tackle areas where we can still improve. Our ultimate goal is that our customers and employees continue to have a great shared experience, and of course, have fun!

Find out more about Macs Adventure’s walking & cycling adventure holidays at, or read more about Best Companies accreditation.

Jill Johnston By
Jill is Macs Adventure's HR manager, specialising in employment, training, and all matters human resources.