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Packing Checklists: Don&'t go walking or cycling without...
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12 March 2017
Packing Checklists: Don&'t go walking or cycling without...
There is no "definitive" packing list for a walking or cycling holiday. After all, everyone is different, and we celebrate difference! Our team however do have a lot of experience wrestling with suitcases, rummaging in rucksacks, and making a few packing faux-pas, so we've collaborated some of their top tips here. Hopefully this will give you a place to start, or remind you of that all important item you've forgotten!

One Item I Can't Travel Without

Our team's profile pages are full of great suggestions in the "One item I can't travel without" category. The most popular is by far a camera, to capture those all important moments, but there are a number of other great tips too... [caption id="attachment_22962" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Our team's packing tips Left to Right - Kristin, Nikki, Fraser, Gus, Kinga[/caption]

Kristin - Operations Manager

"My running shoes - Not just for running. Good, comfy shoes mean you are always ready to go the distance!"

Nikki - Product Manager

"My neck-gaiter/buff – good protection in the sun, wind and cold."

Fraser - Destination & Adventure Specialist

"Duct tape! Never leave home without it, the vast majority of your problems can be solved with a roll of duct tape. I have fixed shoes, bags, strapped up feet and calves and even patched up a fairly large hole in a canoe on the Whanganui River with it."

Gus - Head of IT, Systems & Pathfinding

"Anyone that knows me will tell it it's my mobile phone – it’s my worst habit. My excuse is that it invaluable for work, as it’s my camera, my itinerary folder, my trip archive and my GPS. I would quite literally be lost without it." [caption id="attachment_22964" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Deer Kings House Kinga has her camera ready to snap moments like this on the West Highalnd Way[/caption]

Kinga - Operations Specialist

"My camera, I love taking pictures and to put them up on my photo wall at home. Every time I look at them it takes me back to that particular place and makes me remember what made that moment so special."

Cut-Out-And-Keep Packing Lists

Jo and Erin have shared their packing lists as downloadable documents which you can save and print if you need to (remember to recycle your paper!) Open and Download Erin's Walker's Kit List Open and Download Jo's Cyclist's Kit List

If You Remember One Thing...

The importance of a good waterproof and windproof shell jacket can't be underestimated! In colder climates it can be used with warm layers underneath. In warmer climates, you just never know. Even on a traditionally sunny island, an adventure tour means you will be spending time in mountains or rural areas where there may be unexpected micro-climates and very little shelter, plus altitude gain can make things a whole lot colder and windier. Go for a light, packable option and it will take up very little room (or can be worn on your travels).
There are lots more general packing and travel tips on our blog Top Tips to Prepare for an Adventure Holiday, and of course anyone travelling with us is welcome to contact us on info@macsadventure.com if in any doubt. Pack right, then once you're on your trip you'll have no worries, and a truly relaxing adventure.
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