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Pathfinder Weekend
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05 April 2013
Pathfinder Weekend

Paraffin Pathfinder, 1st March 2013

Shut Happens

Walking into Berkhampsted station, the departures board glowed red with trains cancellations. Wires down. The screen splashed images of tangled power lines and bent pylons with the dimensions of an articulated truck – delays on many services.

Still, as it said on the notice in the station cafe. "Hey.......

No milk today?

The previous year, holidays included a walking trip to Catalunya, organised by,


From nowhere arrives an invitation. “There’s a training session to recce our routes and write up the walking notes. Interested?” ..yeah!

Portrait by delay timer, is it going to work?    

The hotel was lovely, right on the River Kent. Otters and goosanders played in the water.

Next day there was a bit of classroom work: grid refs, route notes, safety, photography. And, wow, a new gadget.

New Gadget

My previous unit came fitted to an Airbus, this one was going to be a lot handier!


Then the Boss paired us off & turned us out on the streets – practical work, with Macs staff riding shotgun. The professional was armed with a bazooka.

My Nav Buddy took her photography very seriously..

..but when our minders split, she put her feet up.


By Sunday morning the Boss had become bored with being inside so we legged it up a hill... and he relaxed a bit.


The train pulled into Euston Station and the chill of damp concrete and cold steel columns slipped under collars and up sleeves. Brrr! Only five hours before the sun had been shining on Scout Scar with a beautiful view of the sea at Grange-Over-Sands!

Nice to meet you, Pathfinders,

John Paul Marian Dave Mike Cheryl Andrew Helen Peter Anne James Keith Chris Gus

Mug Shot

Kath      The Boss

Happy Walking, Macs Adventure,

Paraffin Pathfinder

Paraffin Pathfinder

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Paraffin Pathfinder
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