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Frances McCann
Frances McCann

Route Notes Issue 3: Macs Adventure&'s Magazine

Routenotes0issue3cover2Our latest dose of adventure inspiration comes in the form of issue number 3 of our online travel and activity magazine "Route Notes". Thanks to all you readers for all the amazing feedback to the last issue (issue 2), which featured Neil's Tour du Mont Blanc story, and some great ideas for active travel in North America. But on to issue 3!: This edition, we tell the story of inspiring young hiker Rachael, who after completing the Coast to Coast in England three times by her 9th birthday, took on Scotland's most famous long distance hike, the West Highland Way, at the age of 9 (finishing on her 10th birthday). We also introduce our UK destination specialist and resident wildlife expert Dan Greenwood's "Wildlife Walks" part 2. This issue he talks continental encounters of the natural kind. There are loads more inspirational ideas in this issue of our online adventure travel magazine, but the best way to explain is to let you read it! You can read Route Notes online at full size, or simply flick through the pages below. So put your feet up, and soak up some adventure...
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