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Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX Review
3 Min Read
21 November 2011
Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX Review

In just three years the Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX has become the must have walking boot for outdoor enthusiasts. But what makes it such a great walking boot and why? Macs Adventure explains all in this Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX review.

Ever since the Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX received a roaring review from Brian Blessed on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show in September 2009, the interest in Salomon’s radically styled walking boot soared. Although it probably helped that it was advertised for £130 when it’s real sale price was a good deal higher! While there has always been a wide range of  mens walking boots the Salomon Cosmic has epitomised everything that a good quality walking boot should be. And that’s light, supportive, waterproof, breathable hard wearing and suitably stylish while being incredibly comfortable with an exceptionally good fit. It’s a lot to expect from a boot, which explains the somewhat exorbitant price tag. Nevertheless, when we tried the Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX boots on for ourselves we couldn’t quite believe just how good they were. Certainly, there are far more technical, well built boots out there, but only for serious walking and hardcore hiking. But for the casual walker happy to pay a bit more for added comfort, support and protection, the Cosmics are perfect.

Salomon Cosmic First Impressions The fit and feel were fantastic, even brand new, straight from the box. It was like walking in a pair of favourite trainers with added ankle support. As you might expect, we didn’t choose the bright red ones. We favoured the green instead which was a little more subtle and once on with a pair of trousers the outlandish style of the Salomons didn’t seem so extreme. We took them over the fields, along the footpaths and got them thoroughly soaked and caked in mud, then washed them off once we got home. The treads were great on all terrain, both wet and dry. The ballistic nylon material was suitably tough and protective while being both warm and breathable, but without getting too hot. Meanwhile waterproof protection was perfectly adequate. Water didn’t even get in around the laces, which can be a problem with some walking boots. Best of all, it was easy to forget we were wearing them. The Salomon Cosmic provided such a natural fit and underfoot support while being fairly flexible that they became unnoticeable. In the past we’ve tried walking boots which almost let you know there’s a huge blob of cushioning beneath your heel and all these technologies holding your foot in place. But not with the Cosmics. We had a good, long walk and probably walked a bit further because they were so comfortable.

Salomon Cosmic Technical Features Every walking boot description seems to say how they’re light, breathable, waterproof, etc. But the reason that these walking boots are so light is because they’re made of ballistic nylon built around a lightweight chassis with a Gore-Tex membrane. It’s surprising that more walking boots aren’t made from ballistic nylon. Often laptop bags are made of this material, which seems to be fairly cheap and incredibly tough. Like many waterproof boots, the Salomon Cosmic features a Gore-Tex membrane. So we know that the waterproof protection is great, if not quite as breathable as it could be. Meanwhile the 4D part of the Salomon Cosmic’s name comes from the 4D Chassis which combines an outer sole with extra cushioning, a midsole support plate and a shock absorbing foam insole for all round support. All of which we were blissfully unaware of while out walking in them.

Salomon Cosmic 2 Years On Having worn our Cosmics for 2 years solid, they’re holding up extremely well. While there are some serious walkers out there who could wreck these in 6 months, for casual walking they’ve been brilliant and are only now starting to show signs that they may need to be replaced soon. Due to some of the more outlandish walking boot designs which have emerged in recent years, they don’t look quite so extreme either, which can only be a good thing. The best thing about them though is that they fit and feel like a comfortable pair of trainers. It’s ironic that it was decades ago that Chris Brasher designed the first walking boot based on a running trainer and it’s only in recent years that walking boots manufacturers have really taken this concept to heart and delivered on it. So even though the Salomon Cosmic is a few years old, it’s still one of the best walking boots that you can buy. Unfortunately the price has gone up somewhat recently, but rather than pay out £165 for our Salomon Cosmic 4D GTX walking boots, we managed to find them online for £148.50 from GO Outdoors. And after 2 years of constant use, we’re keen to purchase another pair!

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