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Why Self-Guided is the Way to Travel in 2021
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27 November 2020
Why Self-Guided is the Way to Travel in 2021

How we travel is going to and should change in 2021. We have had time to re-focus on what’s important, how and why we travel is something Macs Adventure feel strongly about. Personal space and social distancing are going to be important to all of us but so too should the impact of travel.

Self-guided travel provides us with the opportunity to take more control of our impact on the planet, humankind, and ourselves.


A self-guided tour provides more flexibility to start when you want (depending on availability), go for however long you want or be as challenging as you want. Choose to do the West Highland Way in April or October when it's is quieter or to add an extra day soaking up the unspoiled charm of Provence.


Sometimes the traveling to the quieter corner may have positive impact, sometimes hitting the “big-name” destination is the best wait to sustain local livelihoods. On a self-guided tour, you will be able to do a mix and stay in cozy local accommodations.

Best Value

You’ve got all the information you need to be your own guide saving on the cost of a guide. Our team have spent time getting to know each destination, the people and the culture. They have carefully crafted your itinerary so you can spend your money in the local shops and restaurants instead.  

Support Local 

We work with small, locally owned, and operated suppliers that maximize our travelers economic impact on the local community. We don’t fly in our own guides, instead we supply everything you need to find your way and encourage you to engage with the locals. In the rare case you do require assistant we have support teams that will be able to help.

Travel at your Own Pace

No need to worry about being fit enough to keep up with a group (or others slowing you down). Take the time to stop for a vineyard tour on the Moselle Cycle Path or reap the rewards of the breath-taking views on the more challenging route of the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Be Spontaneous

As Josiah said in our Slow Travel blog post:

“Travel is about so much more than just the place. …. it is not enough to merely see a place. What does it sound like? How does it smell? Above all, what does it make you feel?”

Self-guided travel gives you the flexibility to be spontaneous and soak up the whole experience. Relish an extra-long leisurely lunch at the piazza soaking up the atmosphere on a hiking tour in Tuscany. Or start walking later in the day to join in a festival as Kellen did on her walking tour in England.

Local Culture

When you’re not hiding behind a guide you can really get to know the area, interact with locals and enjoy authentic experiences. From traditional music sessions in a cozy pub in Ireland to sampling local delicacies in Japan.

Sense of Achievement

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and the physical challenge of an active adventure is an achievement, top that with the sense of pride you will feel having guided yourself on your vacation. Find your way easily with the help of the detailed route notes on the Macs Adventure App.

Meet New People

Spending time in nature has endless benefits for your well-being and an active adventure is also a great way to connect with people. The friendship on a trail is often what creates the most special memories. Make natural connections sharing stories with other pilgrims on the Camino, not just because you're in the same group. 

Personal Space

Self-guided travel obviously comes with the benefits of being easier to socially distance from people. Choose who you travel with, go solo or go with your adventure bubble. You don’t have to get to close to a group of people you don’t know.

"Wonderful Way to Travel in the Age of COVID 19

This was my first time to do a self-guided tour and my first trip with Macs. I was impressed with how seamless it all worked. The porters were there on time and in place, the lodging was excellent, and the rental equipment was top notch. We were able to socially distance ourselves along the way with no issues. I highly recommend adventuring with Macs!"

- Timothy, from Texas on the San Juan Islands Biking Classic


It may be called Self-Guided, but you won't be completely by yourself, we’re here 24/7 to provide support! No need to haul that heavy bag around, tours include luggage transfers. We’ve got detailed route notes that are also on our smartphone app so you can easily find your way. And in case of an emergency we have a 24-hour on call support line.


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