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Six reasons to support #WomenOutdoors week
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12 August 2016
Six reasons to support #WomenOutdoors week
This week Britain is celebrating #WomenOutdoors Week. The BMC (British Mountaineering Council) is behind the campaign that aims to encourage more women to get involved in walking, mountaineering and climbing. Here are six great reasons to get involved. 1 Give support: Surveys show that women participate in all sport and physical activity less frequently than men. Yet, many women also say they would like to do more exercise – and they would like to encourage others and their children to do more. So why not support #WomenOutdoors Week and take the message forward, too? 2 Help a friend: The campaign is calling on people who already enjoy plenty of time outdoors to take a friend or family member out with them, too. Research reveals that of those women who already climb, 51% first participated with friends. You are more likely to want to go walking, climbing or spend time outdoors if you can do so with a person you already know. 3 To make new friends: Whether it’s a walking or climbing club, a jogging network, or a course to learn how to fix your bike or learn about winter walking skills, you’ll meet new and like-minded people. Spending time outdoors doing a chosen pursuit is a great way to make new friends. shutterstock_460666807 4 Feel healthier: Whatever you choose to do outdoors, from walking and climbing to running and open water swimming, you’ll feel mental and physical benefits. Most outdoor sports offer great stress relief and they will make you fitter, stronger and leaner. Also see 10 benefits of spending time outdoors. 5 Rise to a new challenge: Perhaps you already enjoy walking in the hills so why not take the steps to going higher or further? You could set yourself a new goal of walking in a place where you have never been before. Of you could challenge yourself to try something different, such as climbing, skiing, triathlon or a via ferrata. Challenges outdoor should be for women as well as men. 6 Enjoy more me-time: Many women complain that they simply do not have enough time enjoy an outdoors activity. They believe that work, home life and children are obstacles to getting outdoors. But the benefits of a short walk or a day away form the domestic routine with friends are amazing. Try to find a way to have time out and enjoy something that is only for you. Support the #WomenOutdoors campaign this week and going forward.

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