Sunny days and sea views in Stockholm and its archipelago!

15 Oct , 2015  

We have been thinking about adding some new tours in Sweden for quite a while now, and my recent trip out to Stockholm to explore this beautiful city, it’s countryside and archipelago has left me feeling inspired.

I have to be honest, I really wasn’t aware of the beautiful islands and countryside which surround Stockholm before I started researching this area, and now I feel very pleased to have discovered a true island paradise with a very special ‘Scandi’ vibe to it!

Deserted white sandy beaches on the island of Alö

Deserted white sandy beaches on the island of Alö

After spending a night exploring the picturesque old town of Gamla Stan with its colourful buildings and bustling streets, I was picked up from my hotel bright and early and transferred to the port of Nynäshamn where we caught a small ferry to the holiday island of Alö.

Breathing in the fresh air of the Baltic Sea (and blessed with a beautiful, clear sunny day) I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed looking out over the glistening blue sea and sprawling archipelago.

The archipelago is a collection of over 24,000 islands formed during in the last ice age and are considered one of the world’s natural wonders. Some are large islands which buzz with life during the summer and others are simply little rocky outposts covered in pine trees.

We spent a full day cycling across Alö and it’s neighbouring island Utö (linked by a small bridge). A series of quiet and flat trails take you around the islands, weaving between forests and then out to hidden sandy coves with the purest white sandy beaches. Was I in Stockholm or the Caribbean I thought? Ok, the beautiful weather was helping but it really felt quite exotic and unexplored!

Heading back to Nynäshamn, we took a short break at the delightful Nynäshamn spa hotel. With its oceanfront spa complete with saunas, outdoor and indoor pools and decks to jump out into the sea, it was extremely difficult to pull myself away from this idyllic spot. However, a short stroll along the Strandvägen – a small winding road which follows the coast was an ideal way to finish off our day.

The pretty village of Trosa

The pretty village of Trosa

The following day we made our way to Trosa, a pretty little 17th century town featuring multi-coloured houses lining the river and a delightful harbour. From here on to Stendörren Nature Reserve, where we walked across the archipelago using its intriquing system of suspension bridges. The inner child came out in me as I felt like I was being let loose to explore, running across bridges and across the rocks.

Finally we travelled by a small boat piloted by the most delightful Swedish couple with the warmest smiles across to the island of Sävo. A short walk took us right around this beautiful island accompanied by sea views the whole way. As I travelled back to the mainland by boat again, I felt like a slightly less glamourous version of Greta Garbo with the wind blowing in my hair…hmm, maybe not!!

Enjoying the views from Sävo island

Enjoying the views from Sävo island

Macs Adventure now offer two tours in this area – Walking Stockholm’s Archipelago, and Cycling Stockholm’s Archipelago. If you want a taste of the Scandi lifestyle contact one of our Destination & Adventure Specialists for more information.


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